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VMware Aria Automation™ is an infrastructure automation solution powering VMware Cloud Foundation. It delivers a self-service private cloud with governance and resource lifecycle management across on-premises data centers or on any supported public clouds. It leverages a service-driven cloud computing interface, policy controlled self-service catalog, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), and infrastructure pipelining. It enables Cloud Ops teams to maintain frictionless governance and control while empowering developers with a high level of agility and flexibility.

VMware Aria Automation is available only as a component of VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware’s private cloud solution that can be deployed on-premises in your data center or on any supported public cloud. 

VMware Aria Automation can be integrated with third-party services, including GitHub, ServiceNow ITSM, Ansible, Puppet and external IPAM providers such as Infoblox. For more information, see Integrating VMware Aria Automation with Other Applications.

VMware Aria Automation automates the delivery of IT services by providing a portal for provisioning and managing apps. Through its various components, it allows cloud provisioning, automated application and infrastructure delivery, and workflow automation.

Learn the basics of VMware Aria Automation with the Hands-on Lab (HOL). HOLs are always free, up and running on your browser in minutes and require no installation.

Yes. You can explore these case studies that show how our customers have achieved agility and more efficient IT service delivery using VMware Aria Automation. See how IT organizations are successfully taking advantage of automation to solve their business and IT challenges.

Set up the storage and network of your vCenter Server cluster configurations to meet certain requirements so that you can install Application Services in VMware Cloud Director or vSphere.

VMware Aria Automation Templates is the templating engine of VMware Aria Automation that specifies the infrastructure resources to be deployed across VMware Clouds and public clouds. You can create and deploy templates declaratively using YAML IaC and integrate them with distributed version control platforms like GitHub. You can also develop cloud agnostic templates to specify the machines, applications and services that users in the organizations can deploy.

Workload Configuration Management (formerly VMware Aria Automation Config) and Workload Compliance and Vulnerability Management (formerly VMware Aria Automation for Secure Hosts) are now features of VMware Tanzu SaltStack, which is a component of VMware Tanzu Platform.  VMware Tanzu Platform is available as an add-on to VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF).  To learn more, visit VMware Tanzu Platform.

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