Operational Efficiency for VMware Horizon with VMware Aria Operations

Management Pack for Horizon Overview

Get full visibility into VDI environments with VMware Aria Operations and the Management Pack for Horizon.

VMware Aria Automation Config

IT Buyer’s Guide for VDI Monitoring & Management

Learn how can you manage users across diverse remote locations, performance and capacity requirements, and compliance and security mandates that are ever evolving.

Enable Consistent VDI & Horizon End User Experience

Simplify Horizon end user experience monitoring and management with VMware Aria Operations. With complete full-stack visibility from the VDI user and applications through the infrastructure, VMware Aria Operations Management Pack for Horizon provides continuous performance optimization, intelligent remediation and integrated compliance.
Faster Time to Market

Deliver Better End User Experience

Leading KPIs with smart alerts and dynamic thresholds allow you to easily isolate system weaknesses and proactively optimize performance.

Security and Control

Monitor Your Entire Horizon Environment

A single comprehensive platform monitors your Horizon environment and is extensible to the data center. Track the health of the hypervisor layer, storage, network, sessions, users and apps through a single console.

Ease of Use

Optimize Performance for VDI

Reclaim over-provisioned hardware, optimize VDI Desktops, and easily reconfigure and rightsize resources to optimize utilization.

Accelerated Innovation

Ensure Consistent Performance & Capacity

Utilize intelligent analytics and AI to trend metrics and plan future infrastructure needs. 


Deliver Better End User Experience

Proactively troubleshoot problems across your VDI environment with in-guest and session-centric metrics, including CPU/RAM/disk utilization, and logon times.

Monitor Performance of Your Horizon Environment

Out of the box dashboards track detailed health of your VDI deployments, from virtual applications and desktops down to the underlying infrastructure.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Assess your environment from the user to the infrastructure and analyze dependencies to easily view performance, capacity and efficiency status for your VDI deployment. 

Provide Advanced Analytics and Reporting

VMware Aria Operations learns normal operating patterns for Horizon infrastructure and user workloads through advanced analytics and AI.

Improve Capacity & Efficiency

Gain operational intelligence by identifying over-provisioned hardware, bottlenecks and resource constraints. Reconfigure resources and systems as needed for optimal utilization.

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