Essential Cloud Management

What is VMware Aria Suite?

VMware Aria Suite is a cloud management solution. It integrates VMware Aria products that together provide automation, operations, and log analytics on-premises.

What Is vCloud Suite?

vCloud Suite is an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure and management solution. It combines VMware Aria Suite with vSphere, the industry leading compute virtualization platform.

VMware Aria Universal (vRealize Cloud Universal)

VMware’s Flexible, Multi-Cloud Management Solution

Managing a Private Cloud

Learn about managing a private cloud with VMware Aria Suite and VMware Cloud Foundation capabilities, review analyst input, and calculate your ROI

Key Capabilities

DevOps for Infrastructure

Provide DevOps-based infrastructure delivery with infrastructure as code, infrastructure pipelines, GitOps, release automation, and pipeline as code.

Self-Driving Operations

Continuously optimize performance, capacity, cost along with app-aware intelligent remediation and integrated compliance, from apps to infrastructure across clouds.

Modern Infrastructure Automation

Automate management of IT services across lifecycle with approval policies, provisioning through APIs, declarative state enforcement, workflow orchestration, day 2 automation, and auto-remediation.

Data Center Virtualization (vCloud Suite Only)

Improve productivity of VI admins with application-focused management and intrinsic security when you add vSphere to VMware Aria Suite. Accelerate innovation across AI/ML, database and analytics and time-critical applications.

Products Included in VMware Aria Suite

VMware Aria Automation

Increase agility, productivity and efficiency through self-service automation.

VMware Aria Operations for Logs

Improve troubleshooting and security with centralized log management, visibility and analytics.

VMware Aria Operations

Optimize, plan and scale SDDC and cloud deployments with self-driving operations.

VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle

Accelerate deployment and upgrades, enhance environment stability and improve end user productivity.

Customer Success

ABA Bank Supports Top Mobile App with vCloud Suite

“Today, our SLA (service-level agreement) is 99.99 percent and VMware is one of the keys which helped us to reach it. Our customers can access the mobile app any time, which builds up their trust in us.”


- Kirill Yuzhakov, Head of IT Infrastructure, ABA Bank

Clark County Accelerates Digital Transformation with vRealize Suite

“With VMware, everything simply worked.”


– Martin Bennett, Technical Services Manager, Clark County

Grupo Monge Achieves Continuity and Business Stability with vCloud Suite

“The return on investment has been immediate based on the hardware and software optimization… during the past three years we have been able to support the growth of projects within the company, without having to make additional hardware acquisitions.”

- Jean Pierre Quesada, CIO, Grupo Monge

Federal Bank Partners with VMware to Build a Robust IT Environment and Achieve Faster Time-To-Market

“We are now able to automate our business processes, eliminating the need for manual intervention and thereby improving the speed for provisioning services. This partnership has also given us greater visibility over our operations and strengthened our security capabilities while improving resource management.”

- Shalini Warrier, Executive Director, Federal Bank

SAIC Securely Provisions Resources with vRealize

“VMware Cloud on AWS builds on a legacy of efficiency and agility to accelerate cloud migrations. It’s exciting to have powerful tools that reduce friction as we help our government clients achieve milestones on their cloud journeys, while delivering value that benefits us all.”

- Matt Livingston, VP Platforms, SAIC

Guardian Life Insurance Better Serves Customers

”We chose VMware because they have the most complete products for software-defined data center whether its for NSX to protect our network with distributed firewall and micro segmentation to VMware Aria Suite which helps us automate our services within our data center.”

- Michael Lebiedznski, AVP Cloud Engineering, Guardian Life Insurance

Insight Enterprises Optimizes the Cloud for Business Transformation

”In the past, we’ve had to say no to business because of capacity issue on the floor. Previously when you request a system used to take us 3-4 days, 2-3 months is now down to minutes. VMware provides the foundation across the board for consistency and performance and quality of service.”

- Carlos Entero, Global Director of IT Infrastructure and Operations, Insight Enterprises

IHS Markit Enables Private Cloud using vRealize

“VMware Cloud on AWS helps us build on our success with VMware in our private, on-premises environment and cost-effectively extend services to a global hybrid cloud.”

- Ben Tanner, Director of Cloud Enablement, IHS Markit

Purchase Options

VMware Aria Suite and vCloud Suite Are Available On-Premises in Three Editions. Also available as vCloud Suite with vSphere Enterprise Plus.


Supports self-driving operations use cases to improve application performance and availability via predictive analytics and smart alerts.


Enables STANDARD use cases, PLUS infrastructure provisioning and management with hybrid cloud automation and governance.


Enables ADVANCED use cases, PLUS application provisioning and management with multi-cloud automation and governance.

VMware Aria Suite and vCloud Suite Editions

Get an overview of licensing, pricing, and packaging for VMware Aria Suite and vCloud Suite editions.

vPortable Licensing Unit (PLU)

A portable license unit (PLU) gives you the flexibility to manage workloads regardless of whether they are on vSphere on premises, third-party hypervisors, physical servers or supported public clouds. There is no license switching or conversion required.

Frequently Asked Questions

VMware Aria Suite is a single, integrated solution with a single license that does not break down into individual licenses for each component. Upgrades are available between VMware Aria Suite editions.

However, VMware Aria Suite Standard and Advanced edition customers who require application-level monitoring have the option to purchase the VMware Aria Operations Application Monitoring Add-On™. The add-on extends VMware Aria Suite to monitor applications and databases. Third-party management packs may be required for this functionality.

The VMware Aria Suite Hands-on Lab  and vCloud Suite Hands-on Lab  are free evaluations that allow you to test-drive their full technical capabilities from your browser, with no installation required.

VMware Pathfinder is a “choose your own adventure” style library of product experiences to help you easily learn, evaluate, and validate VMware solutions for your organization. Try out the “Managing a Private Cloud” path to get started.

Product documentation for VMware Aria Suite and vSphere is available in VMware Docs.

VMware Aria Suite is shipped as a vApp and will run on any hardware infrastructure that the VMware hypervisor  platform (vSphere) can run on. For more information, see the VMware Compatibility Guide .

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