Frequently Asked Questions

VMware Aria Universal Suite is a multi-cloud management suite, designed to accelerate cloud evolution by combining on-premises and SaaS capabilities for automation, operations, and log analytics into one license.

The VMware products within VMware Aria Universal Suite are:

  • VMware Aria Automation 

  • VMware Aria Operations 

  • VMware Aria Operations for Logs 

  • VMware Aria Hub Subscription 

  • VMware Skyline


VMware Aria Universal Suite can be purchased in three editions: Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise. It can also be purchased as an Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) multi-year subscription. This option, prepaid upfront, delivers up to 30% cost savings compared to on-premises perpetual.

VMware Aria Universal Suite is licensed using a Core that gives customers the flexibility to manage workloads regardless of whether they are on premises on vSphere, third-party hypervisors, physical servers, or supported public clouds. For further information see the VMware Cloud Services Guide.

Licensing per CPU is restricted to existing VMware Aria Universal Suite per CPU customers.

Please review our data privacy standards. You can view that at for more details.

Specifically for license enforcement, VMware Aria Suite Manager collects license usage data from Aria product instances and transmits the data to VMware Aria Hub Subscription.

vCloud Suite+ is a bundle that consists of VMware Aria Universal Suite and vSphere Enterprise Plus. It is intended for customers interested in purchasing a cloud management platform solution and expanding their vSphere capacity. 

Yes. Standalone Aria and VMware Aria Suite customers can upgrade to VMware Aria Universal Suite or vCloud Suite+ through the Subscription Upgrade Program (SUP).

There is no concept of interchanging licenses between on premises and SaaS. VMware Aria Universal Suite is consumption-driven, and your consumption is metered and aggregated so that you can use as much or as little of any on-premises and SaaS components as you wish.

VMware Aria Universal Suite supports language and regional format settings in French, Spanish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Japanese and English.

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