Workstation Beta
  • Beta Version
  • 4/19/07 | Build 44426
  • Download Workstation with ACE Option Pack

VMware Workstation 6 with ACE Beta Program

VMware Workstation is the world's most advanced desktop virtualization product for technical professionals.  This new release adds the ability of ACE to securely package and deploy virtual machines with encryption, network access and device control, and much more.

  • Pocket ACE: With VMware ACE 2’s Pocket ACE feature, your entire desktop, including OS, applications, and data, can be securely encapsulated into a virtual machine and deployed to any flash media device. Completely untethered from its hardware, your desktop can be securely run from another machine when and where you need it, letting you take your PC with you, without the PC.
  • ACE Packaging Capabilities: Configure control and security parameters for your virtual machine and wrap it with a runtime in an .msi (Windows) or .tar (Linux) installer for ease of deployment to other systems. 

    These policy options include:
    • Encryption: Use 128-bit AES encryption to securely encrypt the virtual hard disk of a deployed virtual machine
    • Network Access: Limit network traffic access for a deployed virtual machine by port or traffic type
    • Expiration: Set the expiration date for a deployed virtual machine to time limit usage
    • Device Control: Enable or disable access to host device ports by device or device class, e.g. USB or CD-RW drives
    • And lots more . . .

For more information, see How Does It Work and Key Features of ACE.

A wide variety of platforms and devices are supported, including Windows (Vista, too!) and Linux on desktops, laptops, and portable devices. Please refer to the ACE 2 Admin Manual for a complete list of supported platforms.