Welcome the to VMware Converter 3.0 Beta Program!

We have received an overwhelming response towards participation in the VMware Converter Beta program. We thank you all for the interest shown and appreciate your patience in waiting for the beta program to be widely available. We are looking forward to your feedback, inputs and suggestions with regards to VMware Converter, as you move forward with testing the next generation migration tool during this beta process. In order to proceed with participation in this beta program, please follow the guided directions for downloading the VMware Converter Beta.

VMware Converter Product Team

Please follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Read the supporting documentation

    The release notes contain a summary of new features that have been incorporated into this product in comparison to the previous generation migration tool P2V Assistant.
  2. Download product binaries

    Click the "Download Now" button below to obtain the binaries.
  3. Install VMware Converter

    Please refer to the Installation documents for detailed instructions on installing VMware Converter on your system.
  4. Launch the VMware Converter application and enjoy the new migration features!

    VMware is extremely excited about the vastly improved features and capabilities of this product, and thanks you in advance for your involvement and contributions. Please provide feedback and feature requests. (see note below)


Note: For a faster response and resolution towards the bugs/issues you are reporting, please make sure that you upload the log and core file(s) when applicable. It will usually take us longer to resolve your issue if you do not attach a VMware Converter log file. Zip all your attached files and make sure the total file size is less than 10MB.

To export a copy of the log file(s), choose the following from the main menu: File > Export Logs

Recommended logs on Windows 2000 and above:

%TEMP%\vmware-p2v-*.log and vmware-p2v-index
C:\Windows\Temp\vmware-ufad-*.log and vmware-ufad-index

Recommended logs on Windows NT:

%TEMP%\vmware-p2v-*.log and vmware-p2v-index
C:\Windows\vmware-ufad-*.log and vmware-ufad-index
(note the absence of Temp)

VMware Converter 3.0 Beta (Starter Edition)
Beta Version | 10/18/06 | Build 33128

  Release Notes
md5sum: a777e307a1e0ddf72e24917cd5c610e7