VMware vSphere Big Data Extensions (BDE) simplifies running Big Data workloads on the vSphere platform to deliver a new level of efficiency and agility.

VMware Big Data Platform

VMware Big Data Platform

VMware Big Data Platform (2:31 min)

Achieve Operational Simplicity with Performance

Use vCenter to install and configure Hadoop clusters that deliver performance comparable to physical deployment configurations.

Architect Scalable and Flexible Big Data Platform for the Enterprise

Build a flexible platform that can scale seamlessly and position Big Data for long-term growth in the enterprise.

Maximize Resource Utilization on New or Existing Hardware

Gain resource efficiency through a solution that offers elastic scaling and true multi-tenancy.

Big Data Blog

Gain insight on VMware and Big Data from Richard McDougall's blog. Richard is the Storage and Application Services CTO and Principal Engineer at VMware.

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Virtualize big data on vSphere, deploy highly available Hadoop clusters in minutes.

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