Flexible Endpoint Protection Options to Help Meet the Needs of Your Team

Whether you’re looking to replace antiquated malware prevention or want to empower a fully-automated security operations process, VMware Carbon Black Cloud offers flexible options to help meet the needs of your team. All of our bundles come with out-of-the-box prevention capabilities, file reputation and heuristics, machine learning/AI, behavioral analysis, and the latest intelligence updates from our Threat Analysis Team. Select the bundle that’s right for your organization today.


Superior, easy-to-manage, online and offline endpoint protection for your entire organization.

  • Policy-based Prevention (AI, ML) from Malware, Ransomware, and Living-off-the-land Attacks
  • Up-to-date Threat Intel
  • Prevention Alerts and Alert Triage (process context)
  • MITRE ATT&CK Technique ID (TID) Context

Endpoint Standard

All the features of Prevention plus the ability to adapt prevention to your unique needs and respond in real-time for faster MTTR.

  • Customizable Prevention
  • Event Investigation
  • Device Control
  • Real-time Response and Remediation Tools
  • Integrations with other Security Solutions
  • Managed Alert Monitoring and Triage (optional)

Endpoint Advanced

All the features of Endpoint Standard plus the ability to audit system state at scale, identify vulnerabilities, automate reporting, and perform comprehensive investigations.

  • Real-time Device Assessment and Remediation
  • Pre-built Recommended Queries
  • Vulnerability Management
  • SQL Query (open text field)
  • Automated Operational reporting
  • Managed Alert Monitoring and Triage (optional)


Endpoint Enterprise

All the features of Endpoint Advanced plus continuous endpoint visibility for top security operations centers (SOCs) and IR teams.

  • Threat Hunting and Incident Response
  • Comprehensive Endpoint Event Tracking and Visualization
  • Custom, Cloud-delivered Threat Intel, and Automated Watchlists
  • Managed Alert Monitoring and Triage (optional)

What Makes VMware Carbon Black Better?

While other endpoint solutions focus on blocking file-based malware, the VMware Carbon Black Cloud monitors all endpoint activity to identify malicious attacks of all types. And by collecting endpoint data without filtering anything out, we can predict and prevent threats that have never been seen before.


Traditional or Machine-Learning AV

VMware Carbon Black Cloud

Prevents malware attacks
Prevents fileless attacks
Prevents unknown ransomware attacks
Includes detection and response capabilities
Predicts and prevents unknown attacks
Cloud-based collection of unfiltered endpoint data
Real-time stream-based threat analysis

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