Simple, Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery and Migration

Deliver Unified Onboarding, Migration and Disaster Recovery

Deliver Unified Onboarding, Migration and Disaster Recovery

VMware Cloud Director Availability is a powerful solution built to offer simple, secure, and cost-effective onboardingmigration, and disaster recovery services “to” or “between” multi-tenant VMware clouds.


Simple Usage

Enjoy unified management built on familiar tools with a modern HTML-5 interface, native integration with VMware Cloud Director, rapid appliance deployment models, and a single role-based access control (RBAC) portal to tenants and service providers. Intuitive native in-context Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) with simple tiered options for different workload criticality drives increased consumption and stability. Understanding service capacity requirements and integrating operational awareness for the entire solution means cloud providers can confidently deploy and manage large volumes of customers without additional operational costs.

Integrated Control

Part of the VMware Cloud Provider Platform, VMware Cloud Director Availability has been designed to dramatically simplify cloud onboarding, enables cost effective availability and recovery, and secure operations to cloud providers and their end customers. The solution integrates in-context with VMware Cloud Director to offer DRaaS, self-service on-boarding and migration to VMware Cloud Director-based clouds.


Benefit from a subscription-based, highly competitively priced solution designed with core features to minimize costs and tight integration to reduce operational management costs. Additional flexibility and compelling economics are delivered through storage independence from VMware vSphere Replication, tenant self-service protection, failover, and failback workflows, and granular per virtual machine or per-vApp controls.

Tiered Service

Not all workloads are equal, and whilst customers need to align cost to criticality, service provides must personalize services to their customers without incurring operational cost nor stability issues. DRaaS SLA Profiles brings simple tiering of services to customers with personalization provided by their cloud provider allowing a provider to increase their service margins with the correct tiering, including RPOs from 1 minute and advanced retention policies for customer workloads.



Disaster Recovery as a Service

Struggling to find time to market and sell your disaster recovery solution? This disaster recovery as a service kit can help you share the true value of business continuity with your customers. With educational, monetization, and customizable materials to use throughout the sales process, you’ll be in a better position to close more deals and grow your disaster recovery business.

Migration Services

Migration is a subset of the DRaaS functionality available from VMware. This self-service, cold or warm migration offering is very appealing to customers who want to drive a simple migration to your cloud. Please use this kit in conjunction with the Disaster Recovery kit, they are separated due to size of video files contained within.

Disaster Recovery as a Service Technology Validation

Disaster Recovery as a Service Technology Validation

If you are a Cloud Provider using VMware Cloud Director Availability™ to offer a commercially available disaster recovery service, your organization is now eligible to apply to be a VMware disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) validated partner.

Connect with your local validated VMware DRaaS providers

Connect with your local validated VMware DRaaS providers

Find a perfect provider and protect your workloads with VMware Cloud Director Availability, VMware's native DRaaS solution.

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