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Deliver secure, efficient, and elastic cloud resources to thousands of enterprises and IT teams across the world. Operate and manage successful cloud-service businesses using VMware Cloud director.

VMware Cloud Director Features

Elastic Secure Virtual Datacenters

A policy-driven approach to compute, storage, networking and security ensures tenants have securely isolated virtual resources, independent role-based authentication, and fine-grained control of their public cloud services.

Multi-Site Management

Stretch data centers across sites and geographies; monitor resources from an intuitive single-pane of glass with multi-site aggregate views. Also connect to existing dedicated vCenters for management and access or on-board into VMware Cloud Director.

Thriving ISV Ecosystem

Leading software vendors across Cloud Native, Backup such as Dell Data Protection and Veeam, DRaaS, Security partners such as Palo Alto, Storage such as Cloudian, Dell ECS and AWS S3, and many more, natively integrated with VMware Cloud Director using our open extensibility framework. We empower cloud providers to deliver differentiated customer experiences and capture more service opportunities.

DRaaS workload protection

Deliver self-service tiered disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) to your Cloud Director customers for on-premises to cloud and cloud to cloud. All customers with recent versions of vSphere now can see DRaaS validated partners and easily deploy the appliance necessary to protect their on-premises workloads to your VMware Cloud Director clouds.

Cloud Migration

Enable simple migration to cloud with VMware Cloud Director Availability plugin for Cloud Director. Offering self-service cold or warm migration to your Cloud Director clouds. Customers can drive their own cold or warm cloud migrations with no complex architecture, networking and security conversions, benefiting from a vSphere target endpoint.

Operational Visibility and Insights

A refreshed dashboard and single pane of glass provide centralized multi-tenant cloud management views. Leverage VMware Aria Operations advanced analytics, chargeback, and native integration into VMware Cloud Director via the Tenant App for deep visibility and custom reporting of customer environments.

Cloud-Native Applications and Development

VMware Cloud Director natively supports Tanzu Basic (Tanzu Kubernetes Grid), native K8s and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated (TKGi), providing an easy platform for developers to sandbox or deploy apps. Developers have access to hundreds of VMware Cloud Marketplace secure and tested applications in a simple to consume catalog, now supporting any target endpoint with the inclusion of Helm charts.


With deep integration with leading automation tools such as VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator and an open source vCD Terraform Provider. VMware Cloud Director enables Cloud Providers to automate complex infrastructure-as-code and tile UI driven workflows to deploy X-as-a-Service, all while maintaining access control and visibility.

Application Platform as a Service

Effortlessly deliver your catalog-based applications, VMware Cloud Marketplace-certified 3rd-party Cloud Applications, and customized catalog applications using the Content Hub tool seamlessly integrated into VMware Cloud Director. This feature, powered by the Content Hub, optimizes how Cloud Providers present 'Application Platform as a Service' to customers, removing the requirement for customers to possess any knowledge about the underlying endpoint infrastructure, whether it's VMs or containers, for the catalog applications they deploy. The usage of App Launchpad is still the same way.

GPU as a Service

VMware Cloud Director supports GPU as a Service with Nvidia AI Enterprise, delivering multi-tenant GPU services for customers seeking high performance compute for GPU specific applications. Customers can run VM or Tanzu (TKGs) containerized applications for AI/ML in the Cloud Director environment with multi-tenanted isolated workloads and flexible vGPU allocation. Customers can harness the power of multiple vGPUs in a single VM to scale application performance, important for deep learning training workloads. This can be complimented with relevant, supported and tuned NVIDIA AI Enterprise applications for AI/ML such as TensorFlow, Mxnet, Dkube, Cognitive Assistance, Dask Parallel Computing etc. Read the Blog & FAQ Understanding vGPU functionality with VMware Cloud Director.

Secure Cloud

VMware Cloud Director supports multiple security centric features ti deliver an enterprise class cloud service. To help prevent malware customers can utilise NSX-T distributed firewalling securing East-West traffic, further, dynamic groups and membership criteria can be defined to prevent future exposure automating protection. Customers can choose to encrypt workloads to prevent them being accessed without a key. Cloud Providers can deploy IDS and IPS with a single control plane, centralizing all data collection and analytics with NSX Intelligence for a complete secure standing. Data can be protected on or between sites with integrated Disaster Recovery replication. Also Cloud Provider partners with many ecosystem providers for DR and Backup, ensuring a secure and protected cloud service.

Enhanced Security

Boost the security of your virtual machines with the added support for Virtual Trusted Platform Module (vTPM) devices, providing an extra security layer for guest operating systems. By enabling vTPM, you can protect your virtual machines from unauthorized access, tampering, and other security threats. With this cutting-edge feature, you can enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that your virtual machines are fully secure.

Data Solutions as a Service

Broaden your range of infrastructure services for multiple tenants by incorporating VMware Cloud Director extension for VMware Data Solutions into your offerings. This integrated solution seamlessly connects with VMware Cloud Director, enabling service providers to furnish an extensive array of caching, messaging, and database software to their multi-tenant customer base at a large scale on-demand.

VMware Cloud Director Encryption Management Solution

Thales CipherTrust Manager seamlessly integrates Enterprise Key Management and 'Bring Your Own Encryption as a Service (BYO EaaS)' into VMware Cloud Director.

Cloud Director Benefits

Operational Efficiency

VMware Cloud Director delivers secure, isolated, and elastic virtual datacenter compute, network, storage and security in a self-service model. Extreme infrastructure multi-tenancy, out of the box public and private cloud, easy application portfolios all combined with deep automation supports approximately 51% higher growth (IDC Business Value Snapshot 2020) and operational savings of millions.


VMware Cloud Director is service-ready on Day 1, typically driving approximately 32% overall higher revenue from services (IDC Business Value Snapshot 2020). Cloud providers can spin up infrastructure and application platform-level services to customers and enterprises in minutes, powered by natively integrated as well as ecosystem-powered solutions available via context-aware workflows.

Hybridity and Security

Deep integration with NSX-T enables Cloud Providers stretch networks across virtual data centers globally. VMware Cloud Director cloud environments can serve as DR and backup targets with seamless workload mobility across on-prem and cloud. Enhanced security self-offerings from Layer 4 and Layer 7 distributed firewalling ensure customers security needs are met. NSX Advanced Load Balancer from Avi provides load balancing capabilities suitable for new hybrid applications and digital transformation initiatives.

VMware Cloud Director Extensibility

Building Cloud-Ready Applications

Open to DevOps

Addressing the needs of DevOps teams in customers; provision and manage ‘Infrastructure as code’ services with vCD Terraform Provider appealing to developers to be able to deliver infrastructure directly from code. Complement functionality with capabilities provided by Python and vCD API as well as Object Storage API and App Launchpad APIs then developers have access to everything they need all through code.


VMware Cloud Director-based environments carry the “Cloud Verified” certification, awarded to the most capable and innovative VMware Cloud Providers in the world. VMware Cloud Director is deeply extensible and customizable for cloud providers to deliver their unique themes, branding, and services to their customers.

Dev Ready Cloud

Support for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid for vSphere and multicloud with the Container Service Extension plugin deliver native K8s Clusters or Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Clusters as a service (deploy, upgrade, patching and maintenance) all managed via UI and API. Including enhanced backup services, load balancing and the VMware Cloud Marketplace applications (whether VMs or Containers) in the App Launchpad, Cloud Providers can deliver CI/CD tooling, registry and infrastructure applications as well as K8s services.

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