Delivering Monitoring-as-a-Service

VMware Chargeback is a plug-in that provides a metering and billing interface for eligible VMware cloud providers, to track, measure and bill for usage and services offered via VMware Cloud Director service in addition to an in-context interface for tenants of the service providers.

Flexible Pricing Policies

VMware Chargeback enables flexible pricing to align virtual machine and resource costs with your business.

Plugin-Based Self-Service Access for Tenants

Access the VMware Chargeback application through VMware Cloud Director or Cloud Director service as a plug-in. Configure the Tenant User Interface plug-in for organization users to access metering information.

Monetizable Features

VMware Chargeback helps Service Providers monetize their offerings by providing services like reporting, metrics, monitoring, and billing. It enables effective resource usage analysis, accurate billing, and improved customer experience.

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