Delivering Infrastructure-as-Code

VMware Cloud Director Terraform Provider allows high levels of infrastructure automation for Cloud Director resources via code. It's free to use and ideal for customers and partners who want to integrate their development pipeline with infrastructure delivery. The Terraform provider has access to many Cloud Director objects and services, making it perfect for delivering repeatable infrastructure. Hosted by HashiCorp, it's an open-source, extensible solution with opportunities for contribution.

Automating Infrastructure

Developers and automated solutions need repeatable infrastructure. Terraform, the IAC solution for Cloud Director, can provision virtually all resources at a code request. This saves time and money, meeting modern app requirements.

Repeatable Secure Infrastructure

Manual resource provisioning requires human interaction and can cause security breaches due to errors. Infrastructure delivered at a code level minimizes human interaction, reducing configuration mistakes and the need for ongoing validation.

Product Demos

Terraform Infrastructure as Code

Deliver infrastructure without leaving your coding environment, or use it to generate new infrastructures, delete old ones or modify existing components.

Terraform vCloud Director Provider 3.1 and NSX T

Learn what is available in the new Terraform vCloud Director Provider 3.1 release and particularly the support for NSX-T.

Automating Three-Tier App Deployment

See how how to automate deployment of a three-tier application into a vCloud Director virtual datacenter.

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