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Choose Your Deployment Model

On-Demand: Only pay for failover capacity when needed.

Pilot Light: Provision a small footprint of failover capacity to scale on-demand.

Set Up Your Recovery SDDC

Provision your recovery site on-demand or in advance with self-service deployments of VMware Cloud on AWS.

Start Here and Scale


Easily scale your DR operations and adopt cloud at your own pace, starting with disaster recovery.

Compare VMware Cloud DR Purchase Options


Evaluate VMware Cloud DR with a full-featured deployment and upgrade to production after 6 months.*

On-Demand Pilot: $2.635 / hour

Hourly rate includes usage of 5 TiB of protected capacity and 25 protected VMs; additional overage rates apply above this limit.

*at the end of the 6-month period, you can choose between upgrading to a term subscription or terminating the Pilot.


Purchase VMware Cloud DR through our standard 1-year or 3-year term subscription. 

Available payment plans

• 1-year subscription
• 3-year subscription


Usage limit for Pilot and Production deployments: 25TiBs, 100VMs.

For more information on each offering including pricing details, see VMware Cloud DR Pricing.


Compare VMware Cloud on AWS Purchase Options

Single Host 60-Day Option

Recommended for just-in-time configurations and evaluation purposes. The SDDC will need to be re-created when the 60-day period expires.

Number of Hosts:
• 1 Host
• For non-production use only

Available Payment Plans:
• On Demand
• Starting from $7/Host/Hour

Production Host Option

Recommended for Pilot Light configurations to achieve faster recovery times.

Number of Hosts:
• 2-3 Hosts
• Minimum 2 hosts for i3.metal

Available Payment Plans:
• On Demand
• 1 Year Plan
• 3 Year Plan


For more information on each offering including pricing details, see VMware Cloud on AWS Pricing.


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