VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery is priced as a combination of a per-TiB charge based on the protected storage capacity and per VM charge based on the number of protected disaster recovery VMs (total price = $/TiB + $/VM). Additionally, you can purchase VMware Ransomware Recovery feature as an add-on to the VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery service. The service is available on-demand or as a 1-year or 3-year subscription with a minimum charge of 10 TiB. Pricing includes production support.

Egress data charges incurred during typical use of the service for replication to the cloud and failback to the original protected site are covered by the VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery prices listed below. VMware reserves the right to bill you for additional charges corresponding to excessive egress data transfers. Please see the FAQ for more details. VMware Cloud on AWS host charges are not included. You have the option to purchase new host subscriptions, use existing host subscriptions, or pay for hosts on-demand.


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