Predictable ransomware recovery, delivered

Leverage guided, automated ransomware recovery workflows to integrate identification, validation and restore of recovery points.

Identify Recovery Point Candidates

Guided restore point selection delivers insights on recovery point candidates such as VMDK rate of change and file entropy to identify anomalous activity.

Validate Restore Points and Prevent Reinfection

Conduct a vulnerability assessment within an integrated UI to validate powered-on recovery point candidates prior to restore in an on-demand IRE.

Minimize Downtime and Data Loss

Perform fast, non-disruptive recovery point iterations and conduct granular recovery operations to minimize data loss.

Key Product Features

On-Demand Isolated Recovery Environment

Secured, built and managed by VMware to enable a controlled and safe recovery.

Embedded Next-Gen AV and Behavioral Analysis

Inspection of powered-on workloads in isolation to detect behavioral anomalies prior to restore.

Push-Button VM Network Isolation Levels

Isolate VMs from one another at restore to prevent lateral movement of ransomware and reinfection of the production environment.

Ransomware Recovery Workflow

Step-by-step guided workflow integrates identification, validation and restore of recovery points within a single UI.

Guided Restore Point Selection

Delivers insights such as VMDK rate of change and file entropy to inform selection of restore point candidates.

Immutable, Air-Gapped Recovery Points

Stored in a secure, VMware-managed Scale Out Cloud Filesystem.

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