Why Modern Stateful Services on VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu

Modern apps leverage stateful services, such as object storage, NoSQL databases, and event streaming services for their persistence needs. Deliver apps from our partners on the vSAN Data Persistence platform, which enables you to integrate your cloud native applications with vSphere management, lifecycle, and data placement operations.

High Velocity Scaling

Empower developers with self-service provisioning and scaling of stateful services via Kubernetes API. Enable rapid deployment of stateful services.

Optimized Infrastructure Economics

Achieve space savings by leveraging the replication in the service layer. Eliminate infrastructure silos and leverage common skillsets and training.

Simplified Deployment and Management

Manage stateful services alongside traditional apps on a truly unified, hybrid cloud-ready platform with operational consistency and simplicity.

Performance Tuned to Application Needs

Run performance sensitive apps with vSAN Direct Configuration for near bare-metal performance.

Modern Stateful Services Solutions from Our Partners

Cloudian HyperStore

Cloudian HyperStore

Cloudian Hyperstore and VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu allow you to run exabyte S3-compatible object storage for data-intensive workloads, at any scale, with lower TCO and optimized performance. As the most widely deployed object storage, award-winning HyperStore offers military-grade security and flexible deployment for developers and IT operations with support for both modern and cloud native applications, as well as traditional applications requiring object storage.

Benefits of Cloudian HyperStore on VMware

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How to Plan and Design for HyperStore Service

How to Deploy and Enable HyperStore Service

MinIO Object Storage

MinIO Object Storage

MinIO provides a high-performance, AWS S3 compatible object storage suite for the private cloud, and powers a range of data intensive workloads from AI/ML, analytics, archival to cloud-native apps. The Kubernetes Operator integration with VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu allows IT admins to seamlessly provision multi-tenant object storage directly from the vCenter console while delivering granular, API-level control to the DevOps and application architects.

Benefits of MinIO Object Storage on VMware

Discover Key Use Cases for MinIO Object Storage

How to Configure MinIO Object Storage on VMware

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