Cloud-Hosted Security Without Compromise

Discover the only cloud-hosted solution that provides security without compromising productivity, while bringing users closer to their applications. Enable user access to SaaS and internet apps from anywhere, any device, without fear of threats or compliance violations. Gain visibility, protect sensitive data, and optimize access—all from a single management pane.

Agile Security Posture

Respond rapidly to changing threats, encryptions and business needs by removing gaps in the security posture. Eliminate scale challenges and gain insights to reduce the attack surface.

Improved User Experience

Reduce latency and improve productivity. A global network of SASE points of presence (PoPs) ensures SSL decryption, security inspection and enforcement are performed on the optimal path between users and apps.

Simplified Operations

Manage security and network services as a converged stack through a single pane. Ensure seamless alignment between security and application policies for consistent enforcement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

VMware Cloud Web Security is a cloud-hosted service that protects users and infrastructure accessing SaaS and internet applications from a changing threat landscape. The service offers visibility and control while ensuring compliance, and is delivered worldwide through VMware SASE points of presence (PoPs).

VMware Cloud Web Security helps IT accelerate migration to SaaS applications by ensuring that cloud security is administered on the optimal path between users and their cloud applications. As a result, users benefit from a rich application experience and increased productivity. 

Delivered as a cloud-hosted service,VMware Coud Web Security removes the need to manage design, deployment and upgrades of on-premises hardware appliances for SaaS and Internet applications. This is a major advantage given the increase in application traffic and the rise in SSL encrypted applications.

VMware Cloud Web Security helps IT gain deep visibility into both sanctioned and unsanctioned applications used by many enterprises. This helps IT teams continuously evaluate the security posture while ensuring an optimized user experience and consistent productivity.

The VMware SASE Platform enables secure, reliable and optimal access to applications from anywhere, on any device. VMware Cloud Web Security provides an industry proven deployment architecture using a network of global SASE PoPs to deliver security for enterprises with a local, regional or global presence. 

VMware Cloud Web Security leverages a single management pane that enables networking and security services to be delivered as a converged solution, eliminating any mismatch between security policies and network policies. This ensures consistent enforcement across users, locations, devices and applications.

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