What Horizon DaaS Platform for Service Providers Does

Single Platform for Managing Windows Desktops and Hosted Apps

Use a single management console for provisioning and managing multiple workspaces, and for delivering Windows desktops, shared desktops and hosted applications from the cloud.

Unmatched End-User Experience

Keep your users happy with a consistent high-performance desktop and hosted-apps experience accessible from a single end-user client.

Unlimited Scalability Across Geographies and Data Centers

Enable unlimited scalability through a grid-based architecture, with everything deployed in a high availability pair. To scale, just add more nodes to the grid.

Multi-Tenant Platform Built for the Cloud

Provision secure DaaS environments to multiple tenants, with dedicated networking, storage, compute and access. Take advantage of tiered role separation across the service provider, IT and end user for easy accessibility and management.

Self-Service Provisioning and Lower Costs

Create and manage pools of virtual desktops and applications in just minutes, without having to understand the underlying infrastructure. Move desktops and apps from CapEx to OpEx with built-in automation and unified management of infrastructure and capacity.

Proven by Leading Cloud Desktop Service Provider Partners

Choose from our network of Horizon DaaS Powered Service Providers, including Dell, Fujitsu, NEC, Time Warner Cable and Dimension Data—a showcase of the power of a true cloud architecture built for cloud scale.



Multi-tenancy is a must for cloud delivery. Horizon DaaS Platform lets service providers provision a secure environment for tenant entitlements. The tenant receives: The tenant receives a dedicated VLAN, a dedicated Filer, dedicated compute (depending on the type of Windows desktop delivered), dedicated access portal, and dedicated access gateway.

Single Management: Multi-Desktop Models

Our solution provides a single platform for provisioning and managing multiple workspaces, including full VDI desktops (Windows 7, 8, XP or Linux), shared session desktops (RDS), and Windows Server desktops individual applications.

Tiered Role Separation

The Horizon DaaS Platform supports full role separation across the service provider, IT and end user. Desktop management can be handled by the end company or a managed service provider.

Multi-Data Center Management

In addition to scaling within a data center, our technology enables geographic scalability across data centers. This is important for servicing customers with geographically dispersed users and for maintaining business continuity. Should one data center go down, the other data center provides employee access to desktops and hosted apps without interruption.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Deployment

Deliver desktops and apps as a cloud service—for the flexibility and control you need to support the increasing demand for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), including tablets and smartphones. Horizon DaaS allows you to support BYOD initiatives while retaining data security and employee productivity, wherever your users are. Expand your disaster recovery range with the ability to deliver desktops anywhere, on any device.

Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud Models

The Horizon DaaS Platform gives service providers the flexibility to deploy virtual desktops and hosted apps across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments, from their own premises or remotely. Because 100% cloud is not the right solution for everyone, our platform lets service providers offer virtual desktops and hosted apps on-premises while still maintaining control.

DaaS Platform Software Components

There are four major components to the Horizon DaaS Platform: Resource Manager, used by service providers to manage the infrastructure; Access Manager and Desktop Manager, with which tenants manage user connections, virtual desktops and hosted apps respectively; and the Service Grid Backbone, the essential element for ensuring conflict-free connections and security between service provider and tenant components.

Flexibility for Service Providers

Horizon DaaS Platform for Service Providers provides flexibility by offering multiple desktop options, including Microsoft RDS, VDI and Remote Apps, across public, private and hybrid cloud environments. The platform’s multi-tenant and multi-data center capabilities allow service providers to deploy infrastructure on a customer’s site, and securely manage virtual desktops for multiple customers via a single platform, while IT can easily add, remove and edit virtual desktops across locations.


VMware Horizon DaaS Platform is the only virtual desktop platform built for delivering desktops and applications as a cloud service.

VMware Collaboration with Cisco, NetApp and Equinix

The new “OneStep” solution provides a foundation for service providers to deliver the most cost-effective DaaS offering in the market.

Chromebooks and DaaS: Redefining Corporate Desktops

VMware and Google expand their partnership to enable Windows-based applications and desktops to run on Google Chromebooks.

Need Virtual Desktops On-Premises?

Securely deliver virtual desktops on-premises with VMware Horizon 6.

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