VMware Explore Registration Is Open

VMware Explore Registration Is Open

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Develop and Test for Any Platform With VMware Desktop Hypervisors

VMware Fusion Pro for Mac

The simply powerful VMware Desktop Hypervisor app for Mac. Built-in support for Windows 11 for Arm, 3D Hardware accelerated DirectX 11 graphics, ultra fast file-sharing and more.

VMware Workstation Pro for PC

Build and test nearly any app with the world's leading desktop hypervisor app for Windows and Linux.

Fusion and Workstation Desktop Hypervisor Apps

VMware Fusion Pro is more powerful than ever with Windows 11 support on the latest Macs with Apple silicon, including a built-in “Get Windows” feature and full 3D graphics support. On a Linux or Windows PC, VMware Workstation continues to be the leading local virtual sandbox for building, testing and demoing software.

Run Nearly Any Operating System, Virtually

Choose from hundreds of supported operating systems, from cloud-ready Linux distributions to the latest Windows 11, all without rebooting.

Connect to vSphere

Connect Fusion or Workstation to remote vSphere or ESXi servers to launch, control and manage VMs as well as physical hosts. Effortlessly migrate local VMs to your private cloud with the ease of drag-and-drop.

Develop and Test for Any Platform

With support for virtual machines, containers, or Kubernetes clusters, Fusion and Workstation provides developers with a versatile and automatable platform to build and test applications of any kind.

Run Secure and Isolated Desktops

Run a secure second desktop with different privacy settings, tools and networking configurations for online protection, complete with roll-back points called “snapshots” that can be restored later.

VMware Desktop Hypervisor Features

Virtual Machines

Rely on the same hypervisor technology that powers vSphere to run virtual machines and guest operating systems.

Containers and Kubernetes Clusters

Developers can build and run containers and Kubernetes clusters with VM-level isolation and networking.

High-Performance 3D Graphics

Gain a fluid and responsive experience for running 3D applications. Workstation and Fusion each support DirectX 11 and OpenGL in virtual machines.

Powerful Virtual Networking

Create and configure complex IPv4 and IPv6 virtual networks for VMs, with added network latency and bandwidth simulations to help recreate real-world scenarios.

Compare Desktop Hypervisor Products

Quickly compare features and choose the version that’s right for you.


Fusion Pro

Workstation Pro

Create New VMs    
Create Large VMs (32CPU, 128GB RAM)    
Convert PC into a virtual machine    
Mass Deployment capable    




Host Guest Integration

Fusion Pro

Workstation Pro

Host/Guest File Sharing


Shared/Mirrored Folders

Run VMs with Different View Modes    





Fusion Pro

Workstation Pro

3D graphics with DX11 and OpenGL 4.3 support  *

* On Apple silicon Macs, Fusion supports emulated OpenGL 4.2

Large Graphics Memory: 8GB    




Device Support

Fusion Pro

Workstation Pro

4K / 5K / Retina Display Support    
USB 3.1 Device Support    
Assistive Device Support (Section 508 Compliant)    
Virtual Trusted Platform Module Device    




Security Features

Fusion Pro

Workstation Pro

Microsoft Virtualization Based Security (Guest) Support

* On Apple silicon Macs, Fusion does not support VBS or Nested VMs

Virtual Trusted Platform Module (vTPM)
Bitlocker Guest Support    
UEFI Boot Support    
UEFI Secure Boot Support    
GPU Sandbox Renderer    
Create/Manage Encrypted VM    



Host Operating Systems

Fusion Pro

Workstation Pro

Windows 11




Guest Operating Systems

Fusion Pro

Worksation Pro

Over 200 Supported OSs (Linux, older Windows, BSD)
Windows 10 Guests
macOS Guests
Windows apps in the Mac Dock
BootCamp Import / Launch




Windows Host Specific Features

Fusion Pro

Workstation Pro

DirectX 12 Host Rendering Engine
Hyper-V Mode Support ("VBS", Device Guard, WSL)




Linux Host Specific Features

Fusion Pro

Workstation Pro

Vulkan Rendering Engine
Host support: Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, RHEL, SUSE




Advanced Features

Fusion Pro

Workstation Pro

Command Line Operation: vmrun, vctl
vCenter Server Appliance Easy Deploy
Virtual Network Customization (NAT, network rename)
Virtual Network Simulation (Packet Loss, Latency, Bandwidth)
Connect to vSphere/ESXi Server
Remote vSphere Host Power Control
Create Linked Clones
Create Full Clones
Encrypt VMs




Fusion Pro

Workstation Pro

Commercial License
Personal Use License

Desktop Hypervisor is a line of products consisting of VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion which let users run virtual machines, containers, and Kubernetes clusters on a Windows, Linux or Mac computer.

VMware Workstation Pro is available for 64-bit Intel and AMD (x86 / x86-64) PCs with Windows and Linux operating systems, while VMware Fusion Pro is available for Intel and Apple silicon Macs.

VMware Workstation Pro and Fusion Pro products work by using special functions in modern 64-bit x86-64 CPUs and Apple silicon SoCs to create fully isolated, secure virtual machines that encapsulate an operating system and its applications.  Each virtual machine “thinks” and operates as if they are housed in a physical computer with dedicated physical resources. The VMware virtualization layer maps available physical hardware resources to a virtual machine’s ‘virtual’ resources, so each virtual machine has isolated and configurable access to its own CPU, memory, disks, and I/O devices.

No, Workstation Pro and Fusion Pro do not provide a separate evaluation mode. Users wishing to evaluate before purchasing a commercial use license may do so with the built-in personal use license, provided the products are not used for commercial purposes without first purchasing a license. (i.e. users may personally evaluate the product to determine if they wish to use it in a commercial setting, whereby they would then require a commercial use license for that setting)

No. From April 30th and onward, the perpetual and SnS license models were discontinued for Desktop Hypervisor products.

Workstation Pro and Fusion Pro commercial subscriptions include production support from the authorized Broadcom reseller who sold the licenses. Resellers follow the standard Broadcom support model and have an escalation path to VMware product engineering teams. Users with Personal Use licenses can obtain community support from our forums. Per-Incident support is no longer available.

No, Customers with active support contracts will be able to continue to use the Desktop Hypervisor products without any changes. When a customer's existing SnS expires, a new Subscription license is required to continue use.

Upon expiry of a subscription license, the product will default back to the Personal Use mode. While VMs will continue to boot, the product will be unauthorized for use in a commercial setting until the license key has been replaced with a new, valid subscription license key.

Technical Support

Production support is automatically included when purchasing a Workstation or Fusion subscription license. More information can be found here.

No. Support is limited to the currently active and shipping versions of VMware Workstation Pro and Fusion Pro.

Pricing and Licensing

Workstation Pro and Fusion Pro apps are licensed via a single product key and SKU which is sold as an annual subscription. The “Desktop Hypervisor Pro” license key is compatible between Workstation Pro and Fusion Pro. Each installation of a Desktop Hypervisor product must be licensed for commercial use when being used in a commercial setting as defined in the Product Guide. Installations without a commercial license applied are considered Personal Use, and is so indicated with additional text in the user interface noting that the product is licensed for personal use only.

Workstation Pro and Fusion Pro were previously sold with perpetual licenses and an optional Support and Subscription add-on which provides access to major-version updates for the duration of the subscription term. These terms will continue to be honored, and the existing products will continue to be supported for the duration of their lifecycle, which can be found here. The perpetual licenses will not expire. When new Major versions of Fusion Pro and Workstation Pro are released, a new license key will be required, otherwise the products will operate in Personal Use mode.

Workstation Player and Fusion Player are End of Sales

As of April 30th, 2024 Workstation Player and Fusion Player are considered EOS (End of Sale) and are unavailable for purchase going forward. Customers with active contracts will continue to be supported for the duration of their contract. This means products will receive regular updates, and support tickets can be filed.

Users can now enjoy the full-featured versions of Workstation Pro and Fusion Pro without requiring a purchased license key. Workstation Pro and Fusion Pro installers, now by default, provide a free personal-use license built-in. While Workstation Player and Fusion Player are no longer being sold, they will continue to function and receive product updates until the next major versions are released.

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