VMware Workstation and Fusion for Businesses

Agility, productivity and security for delivering corporate desktops and legacy apps online, or off.

Improve Agility, Productivity and Security

Check out our infographic to learn how VMware Workstation and Fusion deliver improved agility, productivity and security for businesses like yours.

Cross-Platform Development and Testing

Learn how VMware Workstation and Fusion can accelerate developer productivity and reduce costs with local development and testing for any app, platform or cloud, from a single device.

Benefits for Businesses

Run Windows on Mac (without rebooting)

Now you can continue running your favorite Windows applications on the laptop you love, side by side with your Mac applications, sharing files and system resources quickly and reliably.

Run Linux on Windows or Mac Virtual Machines (without rebooting)

VMware gives you side-by-side access to Linux applications from Mac, Linux or Windows PCs.

Extend the Life of Legacy Applications

Deploy mission-critical, legacy applications on modern hardware while taking advantage of compliance and security technologies available for the latest host operating systems.

Embrace ‘Work from Anywhere’

Rapidly deliver standardized corporate desktops to user-owned Macs and PCs.

Focus on the Application that Matters

Seamlessly access apps from multiple operating systems on separate monitors (even 5K), desktops or side by side, as if they were from the same operating system.

Eliminate Laptop Provisioning Costs

Remotely enable and refresh virtual desktops with no downtime for branch offices and mobile workers by combining Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management with Desktop Hypervisor tools.

Access Desktops from Anywhere, Even Offline

For road warriors and offshore development, VMs are a better way of securely delivering a local desktop that doesn't rely on a fast network connection.

Try Workstation and Fusion

Visit the Workstation and Fusion product pages to learn more about how you can streamline the delivery of corporate desktops, control costs and enhance business performance. Ready to start saving time and effort now? Try Workstation and Fusion for free or order online today.


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