VMware Workstation and Fusion for Modern Application Developers

With support for virtual machines, OCI containers and Kubernetes clusters, VMware Workstation and Fusion provide the cross-platform foundation for modern application development and testing.


Get More Agility, Productivity and Security

Check out our infographic to learn how VMware Workstation and Fusion deliver improved agility, productivity and security for developers like you.

Benefits for Developers

Modernize Development and Testing

Develop and test applications in a virtual sandbox with the ability to rapidly create and eliminate virtual production-like environments using containers, virtual machines or Kubernetes clusters. Whether you’re building traditional desktop applications for Windows or Mac, server applications built on Windows or Linux or container-driven, cloud-native applications, the VMware platform is the foundation of a modern application development workflow.

Securely Share Files and Paths from Host to Many Guests at Once

Using shared folders makes it easy to mount source code folders to one or many virtual machines or containers at the same time. Conversely, containers running with ‘vctl’ can mount their filesystem to the host when running, allowing for full file exploration from Finder, or for live-reload and rapid iteration.

Automate and Deploy from CLI

Codify the rapid creation and elimination of virtual machines and their applications’ dependencies by using modern automation tools. Run headless VMs from the command line or upgrade to a container-based automation workflow using ‘vctl’ and Kubernetes.

Encrypt Virtual Machines

Built-in encryption enables you to secure every VM and limit accessibility to only authorized users. Encrypted VMs require a password to unlock and are impossible to boot without it.

Download and Run Pre-Built Images

Take advantage of the emerging community sharing container-based images and VMware templates pre-built for developer workflows of every type. In addition to a marketplace full of useful virtual machines and Bitnami appliances, the included CLI container utility ‘vctl’ supports thousands of pre-built OCI containers to run standalone or in local Kubernetes clusters.

For Information Security Professionals

Many Security developers and industry professionals rely on Fusion or Workstation to aid in functions like Digital Forensics, Penetration Testing, Security Hardening, Environment simulation, Defensive security training, and more.

Build, Test and Debug Local Apps for Any Platform

Workstation and Fusion give developers the tools to deploy local virtual environments that can simulate cloud production systems, bringing a level of fidelity that developers need to ensure apps deliver as expected.

Modern Applications

Build, run and deliver modern applications destined for VMware’s Modern Application solutions like Tanzu and VMware Cloud Foundation; or modernize existing applications by architecting them in a more distributed and scalable manner by using containers and the new CLI ‘vctl’ to prepare them to run in production Kubernetes clusters.

Try Workstation and Fusion

Visit the Workstation and Fusion product pages to learn more about how you can build cross-platform and cloud-scale apps and confidently test client compatibility with VMware. Ready to start developing now? Try Workstation and Fusion for free or order online today.


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