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VMware Workstation and Fusion for IT Pros

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Get More Agility, Productivity and Security

Check out our infographic to learn how VMware Workstation and Fusion deliver improved agility, productivity and security for IT pros like you.

Streamline the Delivery of Virtual Desktops

Learn how VMware Workstation and Fusion simplify the delivery, protection and management of virtual desktops.

Benefits for IT Pros

Broadest Support of Host and Guest Operating Systems

Use VMware to run or test applications on virtually any operating system, from MS-DOS to Linux distributions, OS X on Macs, Windows XP running legacy applications or even mobile operating systems like Android-X86, without rebooting. All compatible with vSphere.

Integrated vSphere Ecosystem Support

Easily create and test virtual machine (VM) images and templates that are compatible across the VMware ecosystem, enabling you to run the same corporate data center workloads right from your laptop.

Containers and Kubernetes

Run OCI container images in a unique and helpful way with the CLI ‘vctl.’ Or run Kubernetes with out-of-the-box support for `kind` clusters and added support for Minikube through our docker-machine driver.

Advanced Networking Control

Use the built-in network editor to create custom topologies to connect multiple VMs on a variety of network types with full NAT and DHCP control. Even design full data center network topologies using real-world routing software (such as Cisco IOS) by integrating a popular network tool like GNS3.

vSphere Client Controls

For vSphere admins, Workstation and Fusion are the perfect companion to the corporate data center. Accomplish common VM tasks or control remote servers and desktops by connecting to vSphere hosts or vCenter servers, without having to launch the full vSphere client.

Easy Duplication and Sharing of VMs

Save time and effort when creating the same VM setup repeatedly. Use linked clones to duplicate a VM while significantly reducing physical disk space. You can also use full clones to create isolated duplicates that you can share with others.

Policy Restrictions

Restrict unnecessary functions of a VM that pose a security risk to the user or the organization, such as disabling file sharing to isolate the VM on a BYO device.

Comprehensive OS Security Testing

Test operating system and application security while isolated from the physical computer. Analyze network traffic using the built-in network sniffer by capturing data from the virtual network editor and opening it with Wireshark and other PCAP readers, or perform penetration testing against a hardened OS.

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