Extend Your Applications to the Edge

Enterprises are delivering intelligent and immersive experiences that require high bandwidth, ultra-low latency networks. To deliver these experiences, you require an agile app development platform that can adapt to your requirements and business logic.

In addition, you need the flexibility to place applications and workloads across multi-cloud that are optimally placed to meet the business requirements along with autonomous operations, security and governance.

Reduce False Positives

Consistent Multi-Cloud Edge Platform

Enterprises can build, run, manage, connect and protect their industry specific edge-native applications at the Near and Far Edge while leveraging the consistent infrastructure and consistent operations across their Data Centers and Cloud.

Gain Elastic Throughput

Unified and Context-Centric Security

Protect distributed users, data and applications against threats at all levels. Security is built into the platform for superior protection and is specific to every application and workload.

Simplify Your Network Architecture

Multi-Cloud Operational Consistency

Simplify operations and management across multi-cloud with consistent, centralized policies for operational consistency.

Improve Utilization of Compute Capacity

Innovation Partners

Accelerate innovation and revenue growth. Partnerships with application developers that will power new use cases and applications.

VMware Named by STL Partners as an Edge Company to Watch in 2022

STL Partners noted VMware is making waves in edge computing and has exciting developments coming in 2022.

Bare-Metal Performance With Hypervisor Advantages

Real-time benchmark testing shows VMware ESXi for real-time (RT) equivalent to bare-metal performance, while ESXi delivers additional benefits including centralized performance management and automation for dynamic workload placement and optimization.

IDC Report: Simplifying and Securing Edge Deployments

Read why IDC claims that VMware Edge Compute Stack solves scaling and resource management pain points by streamlining distributed and remote resource operations.

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