Digital Transformation Starts at the Edge

Deliver better business results and user experience with high-performance, low-latency applications. VMware Edge Compute Stack is a fully integrated platform to quickly realize the full business benefits of edge computing. Get flexibility to build, run and manage your modern, existing and future edge applications on containers or virtual machines consistently across edges, data centers and clouds—with built-in security against threats at all levels.

Powered by AIOps, VMware Edge Compute also gives you real-time visibility and diagnostics of user and IoT device experience with each application.

Reduce False Positives

Multi-Cloud Edge

Consistent infrastructure to build, run, manage, connect, and protect applications across edges, clouds and data centers.

Gain Elastic Throughput

Unified and Context-Centric Security

Protect distributed users, data and applications against threats at all levels. Application- and workload-specific security is built into the platform for superior protection.

Simplify Your Network Architecture

Flexibility and Scalability

Run modern apps built on containers, or existing apps using virtual machines, all on a single platform. Scale applications horizontally with ease.

Improve Utilization of Compute Capacity

Open Platform

Skip the vendor lock-in. Integrate with multiple clouds and ISVs, delivering customer choice for both hardware and applications.

VMware An “Edge Company to Watch” in 2022

Telecom consultancy STL Partners says VMware is making waves in edge computing with even more exciting developments ahead.

Bare-Metal Speed, Hypervisor Intelligence

Real-time benchmark testing shows that performance for VMware ESXi for real-time (RT) is equal to bare metal, while delivering additional benefits including centralized performance management and automation for dynamic workload placement and optimization.

Simplify and Secure Edge Deployments

IDC says VMware Edge Compute Stack solves scaling and resource management pain points by streamlining the operation of distributed and remote resources.

VMware Cross-Cloud Services

VMware Edge Compute Stack is a Cloud and Edge Infrastructure solution of the VMware Cross-Cloud services portfolio that enables the delivery of edge-native applications to any near or far edge location.

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