Simplify Edge Workloads and Orchestration

VMware Edge Compute Stack removes edge complexity with an edge-optimized runtime and orchestration platform so you can focus on your business goals. It expertly runs operational workloads, including real-time applications, and its simplified operations reduce complexity and cost. The flexible platform supports ever-changing compute and application needs. VMware technology is trusted to run over 7M edge workloads.
Reduce False Positives

Edge Optimized

Edge optimized for operational workloads including real-time applications including OT workloads such as robotics, computer vision, and AI.

Gain Elastic Throughput

Built-in Security

Protect distributed data and applications against threats at all levels. Application- and workload-specific security is built into the platform for superior protection.

Simplify Your Network Architecture

Simplified Operations

Simplified operations reduce management complexity and costs. Manage at scale with zero touch provisioning and lifecycle management of apps and infrastructure.

Improve Utilization of Compute Capacity

Flexible Platform

Flexible platform supports ever-changing compute and application needs and avoids vendor lock-in. Modernize your apps at your pace with support for container and virtual machines on the same platform.

VMware Named to the 2023 CRN Edge Computing 100 List

CRN chose VMware as part of the 50 Hottest Edge Hardware, Software and Services Companies “that are leading the market this year with no plans on slowing down in 2024.”  They called out VMware Edge Cloud Orchestrator™ as a key piece that “upped the edge computing ante”

Simplify Edge Deployments

Simplify Edge Deployments

Learn how edge compute stack removes the complexity of managing edge deployments across many sites with limited resources.

Tour Four Edge Demos with ZK Research

Tour Four Edge Demos with ZK Research

ZK Research takes you on an Edge journey at VMware Explore. See Edge demos on Mobile Edge, Manufacturing and Retail.

VMware Software-Defined Edge

VMware Edge Compute Stack is a key piece of the VMware Software-Defined Edge portfolio which provides the distributed digital infrastructure for running workloads across dispersed locations, placed close to endpoints producing or consuming data. These edge services, include networking, security, compute, and intelligence, are managed from VMware Edge Cloud Orchestrator.

Edge Management at Scale

VMware Edge Cloud Orchestrator (VECO) is an edge orchestration platform for the Software-Defined Edge and currently manages edge networking, intelligence, and security services. The innovative new edge compute and application orchestration capabilities in technical preview simplify the management of the edge across many sites, with limited resources.
Reduce False Positives


Zero touch deployment and lifecycle management automate operations

Gain Elastic Throughput


Define every aspect your edge in code and consistently deploy using automated GitOps practices

Simplify Your Network Architecture


Inherited security and auditability of ESXi together with isolation of the control plane from workers

Improve Utilization of Compute Capacity


Resource management for VMs & Containers on your choice of hardware platform

Getting started with VMware Edge Compute Stack and VMware Edge Cloud Orchestrator

See how easy it is to manage the edge at scale with VECO

Learn more about VECO for edge computing

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