Multi-Cloud App Mobility and Hybridity


VMware HCX unlocks the app mobility and infrastructure hybridity across on-premises, private and public cloud. HCX delivers optimized network extension, interoperability across vSphere 5.0+; live and bulk migration of application workloads across data centers and clouds without requiring redesign of the application or re-architecture of networks.


NSX Hybrid Connect is a foundational component of HCX that interconnects on premises and cloud environments. Over NSX Hybrid Connect, HCX builds an abstraction layer and hybridity highway. Networks can be stretched securely between on premises, private and public cloud, and VMs can be migrated seamlessly and securely, enabling bidirectional, multisite app mobility.


HCX optimizes traffic with in-built WAN optimization and provides high throughput migration over internet or direct connect. HCX does not require modification of IP address, DNS, MAC address, eliminating reconfiguration and provides seamless VM migration. HCX provides multiple migration options for customers to migrate workloads, including large scale live migrations with HCX vMotion, bulk migration and cold migration. HCX provides rich day 1 and day 2 operations automation.


Multi-Cloud Journey with HCX Executive Overview

Getting Started with Cross-Cloud Mobility

Create hybrid architectures and enable WAN-optimized mobility without changes to existing infrastructure.

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App Mobility Across vSphere 5.0+ Versions

Transform your data center with secure, seamless app mobility between vSphere 5.0+ on-premises and the cloud without upgrading your vSphere version. Enable zero-downtime “live” migrations and scheduled low-downtime, large-scale migrations.

Infrastructure Hybridity

HCX enables seamless cloud on-boarding. You get app mobility with infrastructure hybridity through features such as:

  • Secure proxy for vMotion
  • Secure network extension
  • High throughput, WAN-optimized, load-balanced multisite interconnects

Lower TCO

Expedite cloud adoption while maintaining schedules and data governance. Enable hybrid cloud migration without retrofits, upgrades to existing sites or configuration modifications, such as IP address. Enable Auto VPN setup.

Disaster Recovery

In the event of a disaster, HCX recovers the networking layer. Traffic routes are maintained before the disaster, resulting in high speed disaster recovery with low downtime.

Workload Mobility

Migrate VMs with live vMotion or bulk warm migration, seamlessly and securely across vSphere 5.0+ to a modern SDDC with NSX-based data centers. NSX Hybrid Connect enables DC evacuation, extension and consolidation, without requiring any infrastructure upgrade or re-IP.


Any-to-Any vSphere Cloud App Mobility

• vSphere 5.0+ to any version on cloud or modern data center
• No need for infrastructure upgrade on the legacy source-side data center
• No need for NSX on the source side

Bulk Workload Migration

• Live vMotion and large scale warm VM migration
• Parallel VM migration threads
• No change in IP, no NAT

Advanced Security

• Highly secure Suite B encryption for hybrid traffic
• Tie back to single SSO and single policy enforcement
• Secure proxy for vMotion and replication traffic

High Performance

• WAN optimized, traffic engineered links for migration
• High-throughput L2 extension
• Low latency across Internet or WAN

HCX Use Cases 

Extend to the Cloud

Extend your on-premises data centers to a VMware Cloud Provider. HCX provides a secure WAN-optimized hybrid interconnect over which you can extend on-premises apps. This allows bursting of additional compute and storage without changing any networking or security. HCX can bulk migrate or move apps live, either to or from the cloud, without impacting the application's OS.

Disaster Recovery to the Cloud

HCX uses advanced WAN optimization to protect on-premises apps by replicating the data to a VMware Cloud Provider. The hybrid interconnect enables the application's networks to be extended to the recovery cloud provider. If disaster recovery is invoked, there is no reconfiguration of IPs, which removes complexity and enables either partial or full-site recovery.

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Multi-Cloud Application Support

HCX enables application components to exist in the multi-cloud world. Databases can remain on premises and application and web tiers can migrate to VMware Cloud Providers. Your business can extend into new markets and geographies while maintaining security and control over how components communicate across the hybrid cloud.

Modernize On-Premises Data Center

Discover a fast, low-risk approach to moving entire data centers to the cloud. Using HCX, you can migrate hundreds of apps at a time to a VMware Cloud Provider – with just a “reboot” and no change to the OS or application.