Key Capabilities of VMware Lab Platform

Provide your students or customers with access to your software and reference materials, while eliminating costly lab environments and infrastructure management

Access From Anywhere

Accessible universally, at any time, on most devices with a modern HTML5 browser. No installers or plugins are needed.

A Powerful Virtual Lab

  • Supports complex multi-VM configurations.
  • Supports almost all guest operating systems.
  • Provides true VM "console" for advanced uses.

Cloud Scale

No matter if you need one lab or thousands of labs, deliver as many labs and VM’s as you need.

How Do I Use VMware Lab Platform?

Deliver your own content to anyone no matter where they are.

On-Demand IT Training

Deliver hands-on, lab-based IT training on how to use your products, without the need for any complicated installations.

The Event Management Module

Allow tenant administrators, proctors and help desk staff to easily manage large scale events, bringing the attendee a seamless experience.

Let the Instructor Lead

An instructor can create a class in a real classroom or virtually across the globe.

Software & Hardware Evaluation

Have your products evaluated by customers or any other stakeholders.

Sales Demo

Easily expand your ability to give effective sales demos of your software solutions.

Isolated IT Labs

Combat increased volume of security and malware remediation.

Why VMware Lab Platform?

Highly Accessible

Train anytime, anywhere and on anything that can be installed on any operating system.

Increases Exposure

Open up your software, hardware and content to even more potential customers.

Improve Your Products

Using the feedback provided by customers, make improvements to your own services.

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