Prioritize alerts and uncover new threats with MDR

Our MDR security solution provides critical insight into attacks using automated machine learning algorithms to validate and prioritize alerts, and uncover new threats. Our team of security experts monitors threats in VMware Carbon Black Cloud, and provides rapid response and suggested policy changes to remediate threats via email notifications. They are available to provide guidance as well as threat containment during an incident.

Increase Visibility

  • 24/7 monitoring by MDR analyst team provides extra eyes on your environment
  • Monthly reports provide insight into threats to inform leadership 
  • Clearer view of security trends to help guide policy

Reduce Staffing Pressures

  • MDR analysts watch your environment 24/7, allowing your Security team to focus on strategic priorities
  • More actionable alerts reduce alert fatigue

Uncover Root Cause Faster

  • Email notifications provide analysts with valuable threat intelligence and the policy changes needed to mitigate threats

Incident Response Guidance

  • Email communication with security analysts during incident response provides your security team with additional guidance in remediation

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