NSX Network Detection and Response

Empower your security teams for faster threat hunting and response with AI-powered network detection and response that correlate large volumes of security events and network traffic across multiple assets and hops into fewer real intrusions. VMware NSX Network Detection and Response has the broadest set of detection capabilities spanning a fully distributed IDS/IPS, behavior-based network traffic analysis and a full-system emulation-based network sandbox.

Understanding Network Detection and Response

Find out how NDR technology delivers high fidelity insights into threats entering or moving inside your network. Dramatically reduce false positives and focus on the real threats.

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Five Cyber Attacks You Would Miss without AI

Explore the ways different combinations of AI can detect and prevent some of the most challenging cyber attacks.

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Detect and Automatically Respond to Advanced Threats

Gain Threat Visibility Everywhere

See threats no matter where they try to hide inside your network. Detect intrusions and lateral movements, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Reduce False Positives

Slash the number of false positives by 90% — and free security teams to focus on stopping actual intrusions.

Prevent or Halt Intrusions Faster

Harness real-time, scalable AI and machine learning to detect and stop threats at wire speed.

Visualize the Entire Attack

See a complete intrusion blueprint and a detailed threat timeline across the network. Quickly understand the scope of an attack and prioritize resources.

How NSX Network Detection and Response is Different

Detects and prevents known and unknown threats

Detects and prevents known and unknown threats

Identifies malicious behavior inside your network

Identifies malicious behavior inside your network

Prevents advanced threats from entering the network

Prevents advanced threats from entering the network

Learns in real-time to update detection fidelity

Learns in real-time to update detection fidelity

Spotlight on NSX Network Detection and Response 

Global Bank Hardens Defenses Across the Network

Facing an ever-growing number of advanced threats, a leading financial services firm needed a more capable solution to bolster its defenses. They chose NSX Network Detection and Response for its unmatched visibility, protection, and easy scale.

Elevating Network Security to Counter Encryption

While encrypted attacks are on the rise, NSX Network Detection and Response provides enterprises with effective defenses.

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Ransomware Demands a Layered Defense

Fighting ransomware with prevention alone isn’t enough. You need Network Detection and Response to contain successful attacks. 

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Preventing Lateral Movement Starts with Recognition

Elevate network security with advanced detection of lateral movements that goes beyond EDR and logs.

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What Are the Key Use Cases for NSX Network Detection and Response?

Detect All Threat Movements

Other products can only detect threats moving into, or out of, the network. NSX Network Detection and Response can detect threats entering and moving laterally inside the network.

Stop Advanced Malware

Leverage the power of deep content inspection to detect malicious behavior and defend against both known and unknown threats.

Protect Cloud Workloads

Quickly deploy Network Detection and Response technology in your public cloud workloads to deliver unmatched visibility into threats attempting to infect your cloud deployments.

Map Threats to MITRE ATT&CK

NSX Network Detection and Response maps to the MITRE ATT&CK tactics and techniques for greater understanding of the key events in an intrusion.

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