Train for Cyberattacks

Advanced preparation can make all the difference for your school in the event of a breach. With VMware's Cyber Range, offered on the VMware Digital Learning Platform(DLP), your team can get training on how to respond to real-world threats in a safe, yet realistic environment. VMware's Cyber Range offers basic to advanced options, with micro- to full-scale cyberattack simulations. Your staff will learn valuable techniques on how to mitigate threats and respond to incidents.

Connect and Protect Sensitive Data

Secure apps and data everywhere

As apps and data have become more distributed, they are harder to protect than ever. VMware security solutions provide a software layer that allows you to connect, secure, and operate an end-to-end architecture that extends from data center to cloud to edge. no matter where sudent and educator data travels, you can keep it safe.

Stay prepared for uncertainty

IT teams in education must prepare for multiple contingencies; from the proliferation of apps, to disaster recovery, to business continuity, VMware security solutions help you handle all of them. You also gain the ability to defend against threats that specifically target schools, including ransomware, Trojans, phishing, and other types of malware.

Reduce complexity and streamline management

Growing security threats create more work for IT. VMware security solutions are delivered on a single, integrated platform that eliminates silos, simplifies operations, and provides more control over networks and clouds. Whether your school has a private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid cloud, you can strengthen security-without increasing the burden on IT.

Industry Success with NSX

Hutto Independent School District

Hutto ISD solved its scalability and security challenges by combining VMware vSphere server virtualization with VMware NSX.

Mohave Community College

After their domain crashed, see how MCC partnered with VMware and Dell for disaster recovery.

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