Modernize Application Delivery with VMware Avi Load Balancer

You’ve heard many times that applications have evolved, security perimeters have dissolved, distributed architectures and multi-cloud deployments are the way to go. What about load balancing – the key enabler for application availability, performance, and responsiveness regardless of the underlying infrastructure? Look no further especially if you’re already invested in VMware.


With a software-defined architecture, VMware provides Avi Load Balancer multi-cloud load balancing, intelligent web application firewall, application analytics, container ingress services from the data center to the cloud.


Why Migrate to VMware Avi Load Balancer? 

Elastic Scale with On-Demand Capacity Management

Provide a public cloud like elasticity and ease of management to load balancing with on-demand autoscaling based on traffic demand.

Enterprise Grade Load Balancing Ready for Modern Apps

Modernize your infrastructure with a cloud-friendly and container-ready load balancing solution serving enterprise workloads on VMware vSphere, NSX, Tanzu, Horizon and more.

Multi-Cloud Load Balancing Regardless of Infrastructure

Deploy consistent load balancing policies across on-prem data centers, public clouds, and hybrid clouds like VMware Cloud in AWS, Microsoft Azure VMware Solution, and Google Cloud VMware Engine.

SaaS Simplicity with End-to-End Automation and Analytics

Accelerate application delivery through decision automation with 100% REST APIs. Simplify monitoring and troubleshooting with closed-loop analytics – consumed in SaaS.

Ready to Migrate? Let’s Get You Going

Assess Your Environment

See for Yourself First

Take a test drive prior to your VMware load balancing migration.

Minimize Migration Downtime

Get Hands-On to Try

Try multiple Hands-on Labs from Getting Started, Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB), Web Application Security, Migration Automation, to our Lightning Lab.

Clean Up and Verify

Learn Tips from the Experts

Get your hands dirty by attending either a 90-min Hands-on Lab workshop or take a deep dive with a load balancer expert live in 4 days.


Spotlight on VMware Avi Load Balancer Migration 

VMware Validated Solution (VVS) for VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF)

As one of the VMware Validated Solution (VVS) for VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), VMware Avi Load Balancer has your back from deployment to operations.


Deploying Elastic, Self-Service Load Balancing for VMware NSX-T

Deploy enterprise-grade load balancing and WAF for VMware NSX-T environments on a complete L2-L7 networking and security virtualization platform.


Key Questions About Migrating Load Balancing to VMware Avi Load Balancer 

I use load balancing with NSX for vSphere, how do I migrate to VMware Avi Load Balancer?

Customers can migrate off NSX for vSphere (NSX-V) to NSX-T using the Migration Coordinator. The latest NSX-V release has reached end-of-support and is reaching end-of-technical-guidance on January 16, 2023, therefore having a migration plan now prevents you from potential downtime. After moving to NSX-T Load Balancer, customers can migrate to VMware Avi Load Balancer (Avi) using the NSX-T to Avi Migration Tool, which takes care of configuration translation and migration, traffic migration, and cleanup of old NSX-T configurations.


I use load balancing with NSX-T Data Center, how do I migrate to VMware Avi Load Balancer?

Customers can migrate load balancing from NSX-T Data Center to VMware Avi Load Balancer using the NSX-T to Avi Migration Tool which is an open-source tool available for free at VMware’s GitHub.


What versions of VMware Avi Load Balancer do I need use?

Customers must run VMware Avi Load Balancer 20.1.6 or later.


How do I get started withVMware Avi Load Balancer?

If in a VCF environment, utilize the Advanced Load Balancing for VMware Cloud Foundation solution to install and configure VMware Avi Load Balancer. If in a standalone NSX environment, install VMware Avi Load Balancer appliances through the NSX-T Data Center UI. 

Do I need to buy additional licenses to migrate my load balancing from NSX to VMware Avi Load Balancer? 

No, VMware Avi Load Balancer’s ‘Basic’ edition can be licensed with NSX Advanced/Enterprise+ licenses. Basic edition provides NSX-T load
balancing equivalent features. To unlock advanced use cases customers can purchase VMware Avi Load Balancer ‘Enterprise‘ edition licenses.


After migration can I continue to use NSX-T UI to consume load balancing?

After migration, the management of Load Balancing services will be moved to Avi Load Balancer, which can be managed through UI, API, and CLI.