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Our Hands-on Labs provide an easy, no-cost way to evaluate the features and functionality of VMware NSX Data Center.

The Best Way to Spend 30 Minutes

Our new NSX-T Lightning Lab gives you hands-on experience in just 30 min, no installation required.

NSX for vSphere Lightning Lab

Try NSX Data Center in less than 30 minutes on your browser with no installation required.

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Getting Started with NSX-T Data Center

Build developer clouds and host next-generation apps with VMware NSX-T Data Center.

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VMware NSX for vSphere - Getting Started

Test-drive VMware NSX Data Center right from your browser. The introductory Hands-on Lab shows you the core capabilities of NSX Data Center in vSphere environments.  

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VMware AppDefense

See how AppDefense helps protect your data center applications and delivers advanced security at the hypervisor layer.

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VMware NSX Cloud - Getting Started

See how NSX Cloud provides consistent security policies for applications running on-premises as well as in AWS and Microsoft Azure.

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vRealize Network Insight

Explore Network Insight through demo & use cases about micro-segmentation and the security of networks.

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* Access Hands-on Labs on the latest version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer 10 & above. Requires 13" or larger screen.