Public Sector Data is a Target. Protect It with Intrinsic Security.

One security breach can severely damage public trust—which is why state and local government agencies cannot take chances with security. Built on an industry­-leading foundation, VMware NSX delivers intrinsic security to help you protect sensitive data from the cloud to the edge.

Prepare in Advance for Security Threats

Don't wait until a cyberattack hits to find out if your agency is prepared. With VMware's Cyber Range, offered on the VMware Digital Learning PlatformTM (DLP), IT staff can learn how to respond to real-world threats in a safe, yet realistic environment. VMware's Cyber Range offers basic to advanced options, with micro- to full-scale cyberattack simulations. With training on threat mitigation and incident response, your agency will be ready for whatever comes next.


Connect and Protect Sensitive Data

Secure distributed apps and data

Apps and data are constantly in motion, and security solutions built on traditional infrastructure can't keep them safe. VMware provides an all-in-one software layer that lets you connect and secure everything on a unified platform. With pervasive, consistent connectivity, you can apply global security policies that follow workloads wherever they go.

Manage top-priority security concerns

VMware solutions help you proactively meet growing threats to public-sector data. Intrinsic security allows you to develop responses in advance for disaster recovery and business continuity. With solutions built specifically to respond to modern threats; your infrastructure will be prepared for ransomware, phishing, Trojans, and more.

Accomplish more with fewer resources

Managing bolted-on security products drains time and resources. VMware security solutions are delivered on a single, integrated platform that allows you to eliminate silos, reduce complexity, and lower operational expenses. Gain precise control along with consistent networking and security, while simultaneously streamlining operations.

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