VMware Integrated OpenStack Gives You Control of Cloud Resources Through OpenStack APIs

Foster developer innovation by deploying and managing production-grade OpenStack quickly and easily on top of your VMware infrastructure. Leverage vendor-neutral APIs to get more out of your Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC).


Accelerate cloud business value.

Deploy and manage OpenStack infrastructure on VMware, and leverage your existing VMware expertise for rapid business value.

What's New in VMware Integrated OpenStack 3.0

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What Integrated OpenStack Does

Rapid OpenStack Adoption

Deliver OpenStack Developer Friendly APIs to your development teams on top of your existing VMware infrastructure.

Simple Deployment and Operation

Leverage your existing expertise to deploy, operate and upgrade OpenStack on VMware infrastructure quickly and easily using familiar VMware cloud management platform tools and technologies.

Resource Control

Control and manage cloud resources on VMware’s best of breed SDDC infrastructure components, including the most trusted hypervisor (VMware vSphere), breakthrough network virtualization platform (VMware NSX) and the industry leader in hyper-converged storage (VMware vSAN).

Extends vSphere Enterprise Plus

VMware Integrated OpenStack is available at no charge to all new and existing vSphere Enterprise Plus customers, vSphere Standard customers in conjunction with NSX Advanced, vSphere with Operations Manager (vSOM) Enterprise Plus customers, and all vCloud Suite customers.


VMware Integrated OpenStack extends the power of your VMware infrastructure in the cloud.


VMware Helps Drive OpenStack Innovation

With more than 30 engineers contributing to at least 7 core projects, VMware is committed to helping grow the technical and intellectual maturity of OpenStack. 

OpenStack Foundation White Paper: Adding Speed and Agility in Enterprise Virtualization

This white paper addresses the differences between legacy and cloud workloads; and details three approaches to using VMware technology with OpenStack.


Open Architecture

Whether you are transitioning to a DevOps-centric agile product development methodology or building cloud native applications, foster innovation and agility for application development teams with DefCore compliant OpenStack APIs on top of VMware’s best-of-breed SDDC infrastructure.

Streamlined Deployment and Upgrade

Deploy simply and easily by downloading the OpenStack virtual appliance and deploy using the vSphere Web Client. A patching mechanism allows administrators to easily perform patching and upgrades with minimum disruption to the OpenStack infrastructure.

Optimized for the SDDC

Integrate with vSphere, NSX and vSAN using OpenStack services to achieve optimal VM density, scalable networking and resilient shared storage. Leverage all the features of these powerful solutions to deliver maximum value from your SDDC.

Integrated Operations and Management

Pre-defined workflows automate common OpenStack operations such as adding and removing capacity, configuration changes, patching and upgrading. Out-of-the-box vRealize Operations Manager and vRealize Log Insight integrations provide faster and easier monitoring and troubleshooting of your OpenStack infrastructure.

Single Support Contact

World-Class VMware support is provided for both OpenStack and the underlying VMware infrastructure. Support for VMware Integrated OpenStack is optional and can be purchased separately.

Compact Management Control Plane

VMware Integrated OpenStack offers two deployment modes - High Availability (HA) and Compact Mode.

  • HA Mode: Optimized architecture provides production-ready resilience, scale and performance.
  • Compact Mode: Compact architecture mode deploys the full OpenStack control plane on two VMs. Best suited for branch locations, or test/dev environments where HA requirements are not required.


NSX-V Components

Additional CPU, RAM and disk space is required for NSX-V components if they are deployed with Integrated OpenStack. 

  • VMs: 4
  • CPUs: 16
  • RAM: 24 GB
  • Disk space: 120 GB

(Note: Does not include optional Edge requirements.)


For NSX-V deployments:

  • vSphere VC 5.5 U3 Enterprise Plus or higher
  • ESXi host Version 5.5 Update 2 and higher

Deployment Modes

VMware Integrated OpenStack offers two deployment modes. High Availability (HA) and Compact Mode. Please refer to the VMware Integrated OpenStack Installation Guide for sizing specifics for each deployment option.

How To Buy

Customers with current licenses for vSphere Enterprise Plus, vSphere Operations Management, or NSX with vSphere Standard can download VMware Integrated OpenStack.

There is no license cost and it is distributed independently from other VMware products. Download it now.


If you would like support for VMware Integrated OpenStack, a per-CPU annual fee will apply, and the minimum support order is 50 CPUs.