Pivotal CF is Pivotal's commercially supported hybrid Platform-as-a-Service solution built on Cloud Foundry technology and running on vSphere, enabling customers to rapidly develop, deploy and scale applications.

Application availability

Run enterprise-PaaS solution powered by the industry leading virtualization platform.

Leverage features such as application health monitoring and enable vSphere’s HA/DRS features to enhance availability of the Pivotal CF instances.

  • Ensure applications remain highly available with the introduction of the 3rd generation application health manager.
    • Monitor application instances to determine their state (e.g., running, stopped, crashed), and restart as needed
    • Reconcile the number of application instances to user specified count
  • Enhance availability of Pivotal CF instances by enabling vSphere's HA/DRS features.
  • Leverage built-in runtime services such as load balancing that are designed to provide robust application scaling up to hundreds of instances in seconds.
  • Gain full application event visibility through improved log aggregation.

Simple user interfaces

Create organizational agility by accelerating application development and streamlining the delivery of underlying infrastructure.

  • Leverage a wizard-like rapid installer and operator console for Pivotal CF optimized for vSphere 5.x.
  • Enable continuous update/upgrade mechanism with minimal production downtime.
  • Utilize a developer console that:
    • Enables management of users and services.
    • Provides self-service ability for developers to manage and scale applications up to hundreds of instances in seconds.
  • Providers can develop and expose new services in the Pivotal CF catalog using a streamlined Service Broker API.
  • Faster developer console with enhanced usability in managing teams and interacting with services
  • Faster CF CLI with native installers for all modern platforms and versions of Windows, OSX and Linux.

Standardized and flexible application platform

Deliver PaaS on your terms. Equip your IT team to provide a standardized application development platform.

  • Pivotal CF is optimized to run on vSphere 5.x, a virtualized infrastructure that you control.
  • Use runtime and operation components customizable to your business needs.
  • Provide a complete run-time environment through buildpacks.
    • Includes a complete runtime environment for a specific class of applications
    • Java, Ruby and Node.js buildpacks are offered and supported by Pivotal
    • Java build pack optimized for Enterprises including tcServer container
    • Ability to standardize runtime, language and container preferences across a project/BU/enterprise
    • Ability to absorb new commercial and community contributed runtimes and frameworks
    • Ability to add new runtimes using buildpacks and control the order in which buildpacks are applied
  • Integrate with existing AD in the organization to allow Single Sign On experience for Pivotal CF.