IoT Device Management with Pulse IoT Center

VMware Pulse IoT Center is a secure, enterprise grade, edge infrastructure and IoT device management solution for both IT and OT organizations and any IoT use case. With Pulse IoT Center, you can simplify getting started with IoT, automate management at scale, extend IT security standards to the Edge and IoT infrastructure, and optimize the value of your IoT data.


VMware Pulse IoT Center Product Overview

Onboard, configure, manage, monitor and secure across heterogenous IoT edge systems and connected devices at scale with Pulse IoT Center.

What’s New in Pulse IoT Center 2.0?

Check out the latest version of Pulse IoT Center.

Benefits of IoT Device Lifecycle Management with Pulse 

Manage Broader

Streamline management at scale with a consistent management and monitoring framework for heterogenous IoT devices and applications that scales to millions of devices.

Protect Better

Extend IT security standards to the Edge and IoT infrastructure with granular visibility and control for all connected devices, applications and networking.

Scale Faster

Simplify getting started and scaling IoT with standardized device registration, connectivity and bulk onboarding, and automate metrics collection to streamline operations.

Operate Smarter

Operationalize IoT into your daily business by streamlining data collection and orchestration across any device, any application and any cloud.

Pulse IoT Center Features

Simple Onboarding

Reduce time and technical skills needed to onboard, provision and configure diverse IoT devices and applications faster and at scale with low touch enrollment, bulk on-boarding, and device templates.

Consistent Management

Eliminate IoT management silos with one console and lens across heterogenous IoT and edge devices, applications and firmware at scale.

Closed Loop Data Orchestration

Put your IoT data to work by facilitating data movement and flexible data flows to integrate with your business processes.

Scalable from POC to Production

Get pilots up and running rapidly with software-as -a-service (SaaS) and migrate to on-premise implementations based on your changing business needs.

Enterprise Integrations

Take advantage of seamless integration with existing server-side monitoring and alerting capability through REST APIs, along with flexible client-side integration through C-based SDK.

End-to-End Trust model

Extend IT security standards to the edge and IoT infrastructure with a consistent security framework including least privilege execution in agent, unique device IDs, TLS secured communications, RBAC and custom roles.

Built-in Security Features 

Device Security Management

Rapidly configure and securely deliver updates/patches to firmware and software with fine grained control over approvals, scheduling, activation and installation

Threat Detection and Escalation

Detect anomalies by monitoring configurable device metric thresholds and escalate and trigger remediation actions with rule-based alerts and API based integrations with 3rd party systems.

Authentication and Authorization

Each gateway uses authorized Access Control Lists for ongoing communicating with the server to reduce spoofing. Device sessions use an HMAC-based authentication token for continued communication with the server.

Network Security

Pulse IoT Center provides active, real-time threat detection in partnership with third-party solutions. Future versions will incorporate micro-segmentation support with VMware NSX integration.

What Can Pulse IoT Center Do For You?

Asset Tracking and Management

As more smart things and gateways connect to your networks, you need to be able to track their location, ensure safety and easily manage, provision and configure them. With Pulse IoT Center, you can monitor configurable device metric thresholds and trigger automated remediation actions with rule-based alerts and API based integrations with 3rd party systems.

Monitoring IoT Infrastructure Health

Most IoT devices—such as sensors in oil wells, on facility ceilings, inside machines, on cranes or in jet engines—are located in remote, unmanned areas. Pulse IoT Center provides real-time monitoring and alerts so you can continuously track the health of your IoT infrastructure.

Operational Analytics

Gain visibility into IoT infrastructure performance by extracting operational data (like CPU utilization and battery life) and correlating it with historic data, as well as information from other devices, to help you identify anomalies.

Over-the-Air Software and Security Update

The software lifecycle on all IoT devices needs to be continuously maintained, especially from a security perspective. With Pulse IoT Center, you establish granular visibility and control for all connected devices at scale through one console to visualize and know device status, respond to security threats, manage and deploy security patches, and update firmware, all over-the-air and in real time.

Data Collection and Orchestration

Edge and IoT devices are generating continuous streams of data that users must be able to manage and make actionable. Pulse IoT Center helps optimize the value of your data by collecting and orchestrating data flows across any device, any application and any cloud.


What’s New in Pulse IoT Center 2.0?

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LIOTA: The Smart Little Agent for Big IoT

What is Project Liota?

Liota (Little IoT Agent) is a vendor-neutral, open source IoT SDK for building IoT applications for managing, monitoring and orchestrating data between things, gateways and the cloud/data center.


Why use Liota?

  • Simplify IoT gateway application development in an easy-to-use python environment.
  • Gain new insights through collection, analysis, storage and sharing of sensor data.
  • Save time by focusing on app innovation instead of creating different versions of the same app for different gateways.

How does Liota relate to VMware Pulse IoT Center?

Liota is the client-side module for VMware Pulse IoT Center, which resides on edge gateways or embedded “things.” It transmits data to the VMware Pulse IoT Center console back in the cloud/data center.


Learn More About Liota

Read the Datasheet

Liota on Github

Download the SDK