Make Your Apps Scalable and Resilient

Support Cloud Native App Development

Easily support cloud native application development patterns with event-driven architectures, microservices and continuous deployment.

Select the Clouds of Your Choice

Find a simpler way to integrate apps across public cloud services or between private and public clouds with VMware RabbitMQ. Place the right workloads on the right cloud and avoid vendor lock-in.

Implement Self-Service Deployment

Streamline large-scale messaging services, even in multi-cluster Kubernetes environments, with automated operations. Simplify lifecycle management to reduce risk and focus on more strategic work.

VMware RabbitMQ Features

Warm Standby Replication

Automate your business continuity. Set deployments running in different zones or regions to keep their schemas in sync using Warm Standby Replication.

Quick Response Times

Enjoy the industry gold standard for SLAs. Plus, since we built RabbitMQ, we can escalate to the creators where needed.

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Intra-Cluster Compression

In heavily loaded systems, inter-node traffic flows are substantial. Get cloud hosting savings, reducing the load on bandwidth up to 96 percent with Intra-Cluster Compression.

Secure by Design

Transport security protocols are restricted to production-safe variants. The included Erlang runtime has the latest optimizations and patches applied. 

Global Coverage

In addition to our remote support engineers, we have support offices in Shanghai, Cork and Palo Alto.

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Time Tested Performance

Based on a mature OSS broker that everyone knows and loves, for scale-useful outcomes.

RabbitMQ by the Numbers

RabbitMQ® today is the most widely deployed message broker in the world.


Client libraries and supports multiple series of protocols.


Reduction in bandwidth usage for JSON message payloads.

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Get started with VMware RabbitMQ today and enjoy enterprise-grade support and exclusive features. Deliver architectures within minutes.


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