Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience and Cut Costs with Remote Customer Support

VMware RemoteHelp is a remote customer support solution that enables customer service organizations, supporting consumer customers and their devices, to quickly help customers with Android and iOS device tasks or issues in real-time. VMware RemoteHelp was designed specifically with wireless service providers in mind, with capabilities that enable customer support reps to assist wireless subscribers, at scale.

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What Does RemoteHelp Deliver?

Streamline Customer Support

VMware RemoteHelp is a fully customizable, web-based solution that integrates with your existing CRM, identity provider, and SMS gateway, giving customer support reps easy, single sign-on (SSO) access to remote customer support sessions. With SMS gateway integration, support reps can send an automated text message, with a link to the VMware RemoteHelp app, directly to the customer’s device.

Assist Customers with Device Tasks or Issues

VMware RemoteHelp enables customer support reps to view or control customer devices in real-time to quickly assist customers with device tasks or issues. VMware RemoteHelp easily supports customers with low-bandwidth, and if a reboot is required, automatically reconnects to the device.

Ensure Customer Privacy and Trust

VMware RemoteHelp empowers customers, without sacrificing their privacy. Upon downloading the VMware RemoteHelp app, customers enter a one-time passcode to start the remote session, are notified once their screen is visible, and can pause or end the session at any time.


Deliver Exceptional CX and Customer Service

Decrease customer churn, improve your Net Promoter Score (NPS) and increase customer retention, brand loyalty and referrals

Cut Support Costs

Replace outdated tools and processes and minimize the number of no fault found (NFF) device returns, which can cost companies millions of dollars a year

Boost Support Rep Productivity

Reduce support rep frustration and attrition and improve help desk KPIs, like average handle time (AHT) and first call resolution (FCR)

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