Disaggregate Your RAN with Cloud-Smart Principles

Rearchitect your RAN with a horizontal platform. Simplify your operations with automation. Ensure your service with assurance.

RAN-Optimized Platform

Support multi-vendor vRAN functions, placing RAN workloads at the best locations to serve their functional purposes.

RAN-Driven Performance

Reduce latency and support real-time performance while providing flexibility and agility.

Automated Deployment and Scaling

Meet 5G scale requirements with automation, allowing you to deploy thousands of distributed RAN sites with ease.

Optimized Resource Utilization

Optimize resources and reduce costs by dynamically adjusting infrastructure to network needs.

RAN Assurance

Receive actionable insights for immediate remediation by continuously monitoring and understanding the behavior of your vRAN functions.

Multi-Layer Telco Service Assurance

Monitor your network, infrastructure, and telco workloads continuously for immediate remediation insights.

Accelerate the Journey to RAN Modernization​

The latest eBook highlights how VMware Telco Cloud Platform RAN enables CSPs to transform RAN infrastructure.

Accelerate RAN Performance

VMware Telco Cloud Platform RAN supports various acceleration options to increase choice and flexibility so that CSPs can maximize performance.

Features of Telco Cloud Platform RAN

RAN Disaggregation

Run your vDUs and vCUs in accordance with stringent RAN performance and latency requirements.

Infrastructure Automation and Orchestration

Simplify the deployment of cloud infrastructure with templates across your RAN, from cell sites to aggregation sites.

Automated RAN Assurance

Monitor and manage cloud infrastructure and multi-vendor vRAN functions for continuous service delivery with closed-loop automation, operation, and remediation.

RAN Security

Establish strong security boundaries by isolating your vDUs and vCUs on virtual machines and the VMware hypervisor.

CaaS Management

Automate discovery, registration, and creation of Kubernetes clusters with on-demand provisioning of infrastructure resources tailored to RAN functions.

Common Architecture

Use the same common platform to disaggregate your RAN now and migrate to open RAN in the future.

RAN Functions Lifecycle Management

Enable automated and simplified onboarding and management of your vRAN functions with abstraction of complex CI/CD pipeline.

RAN Solution Partners

Open solutions level the playing field and empower the RAN ecosystem.
Deploy Open RAN with Confidence

Mavenir’s Open vRAN solution running on VMware Telco Cloud Platform RAN modernizes CSP networks with a commercially proven, operationally ready solution.

Drive Innovation and Flexibility in Virtualized RAN

Intel and VMware showcase innovation and flexibility to meet the distinctive needs of virtualized RAN.

Softbank and NEC Validate VMware TCP-RAN

Ensure scalable RAN with smart and efficient operations that unify O-RAN architecture and Telco Cloud.

Transform Telecommunications with Automation

Telco Automation streamlines multi-cloud operations, from infrastructure to services and slices. It simplifies cloud evolution complexities and optimizes network resources on demand, reducing operational costs and enhancing revenue services.

Accelerate Time to Market

Speed up network service launches with an efficient, standardized, and vendor-neutral design and onboarding process.

Simplify and Cut Costs

Reduce operating expenses by streamlining network processes and optimizing overall resource utilization with effective and dynamic NF management.

Deploy Network Functions from Many Vendors

Seamlessly onboard certified network functions from a variety of vendors and create new revenue-generating network services.

Unify Orchestration

Manage distributed, multi-cloud workloads across domains, enhancing optimization to facilitate network modernization.

Automate Lifecycle Management

Focus on creating services instead of manually resolving operational issues. Streamline lifecycle management of all Day 0 to Day 2 network operations.

Manage Network Slicing

Support your customers’ new paths to revenue with network slicing automation.

benefits of VMware Telco Cloud Automation

Save on TCO with Telco Automation

Telco Automation delivers a cloud-smart, vendor-neutral approach to network automation and orchestration, easing interoperability and simplifying telco requirements in a dynamic multi-cloud ecosystem.

Features of Telco Cloud Automation

Multi-Cloud and 5G Turnkey Architecture

Packaged NFVO, G-VNFM CaaS, and multi-cloud capabilities with integrations to the Telco Cloud Platform. Easily manage complex NF/NS use cases across many domains and clouds.

Unified Network Management

Manage Day 0 – Day 2 lifecycle processes of network functions and seamlessly integrate with our network monitoring and assurance in a single-pane-of-glass GUI.

Programmable Automation

Customize auto-operations  with  rules for closed-loop policies across network function and service lifecycles. Program your network for specific SLAs with network slicing.

Standard-Based Interoperability

ETSI-MANO and CNCF compliant architecture leveraging open SOL and Kubernetes standard interfaces for vendor-neutral interoperability.

Advanced CaaS Automation

Register existing or create new K8s clusters and automatically align their configurations with network function requirements, through Dynamic Infrastructure Policies.

Powerful Visual Composer

Create innovative multi-vendor network service or NF descriptors through a simple GUI and drag-and-drop, low-code visual composer.

CI/CD Integration

Utilize APIs to act as a single point of integration to CSPs’ existing DevOps practices and continuous integration, continuous deployment (CI/CD) tools.

Simplified Onboarding

Accelerate lengthy network function and service onboarding cycles by integrating descriptor templates leveraging open standards.

Simplify, Automate, and Optimize Operations

With Automated Service Assurance, deploy virtual and cloud native network functions for your digital transformation without disruption. Expand your telco cloud footprint and grow your business faster.

Unified Dashboard Across Domains for NOC and SOC

Simplify operations and get rapid insights across domains with integrated fault and performance management, service management, and root cause and impact analysis.

Multi-Layer Assurance from Infrastructure to Service

Reduce costs with automation and optimization across physical and virtual infrastructure, orchestration, and service layers.

Intelligent Analytics and Automated Alarm Reduction

Increase operational efficiency with faster problem isolation and automatically suppress extraneous alarms without costly static rule-upkeep.

Multi-Vendor and Multi-Cloud

Reduce complexity by using a single platform to monitor, analyze, and proactively manage multi-vendor physical and virtual environments.

Closed-Loop Automation and Remediation

Reduce OpEx with automation and faster remediation. Optimize resources and workloads to meet surge from edge and service requirements.

Modernized Platform

Achieve agility and flexibility to deploy on premises, in public clouds, or in hybrid multi-cloud environments with a modern cloud native architecture.

benefits of VMware Telco Cloud Automation

What is Telco Service Assurance?

VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance is an all-in-one solution for automated fault, performance, and service management, with root cause and service impact analysis. It offers operational intelligence for multi-vendor environments, from core to edge, in a single interface.


Cross-Domain Multi-Layer Service Assurance

End-to-End Assurance

VMware provides operations teams with the end-to-end visibility and assurance they need to holistically manage complex, multi-vendor virtual and physical networks.

Service Assurance Overview

Telco Service Assurance can simplify your operations from the Core to RAN.

Automated Operations and Remediation

VMware Telco Cloud optimizes resources and enables zero-touch automation and closed-looped operations and remediation.

Multi-Tenancy Reporting

Provide secure segregated access for each tenant. Automatically discover multiple tenants and services. Issue isolation and impact assessment across the network.

Features of Telco Assurance

Fault Monitoring

Enhance your workload monitoring with multi-layer visibility, prioritized service impact, and alarm suppression.

5G Mobile Assurance

Get multi-layer assurance from infrastructure to services, transport and xHaul monitoring, and end-to-end network and service assurance from Core to RAN.

Performance Management

Maximize network efficiency with real-time metrics, anomaly detection, and workload optimization.

XNF Assurance for Multi-Cloud

Integrate VMware Telco Cloud into multi-cloud environments and get Kubernetes/NFVI cluster discovery, usage, and health.

Service Management

Correlate cross-domain services with underlying infrastructure and proactive service health with impact analysis.

Automated Root Cause and Service Impact

Identify the precise root cause of the problem and swiftly identify issues and their impacts.

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