Operate with the confidence of security. View our commitment to keeping your data safe at rest and in transit for your cloud, hybrid, and on-premises deployments.


VMware cares about privacy – it is engrained in our culture and built into everything we do. Our comprehensive privacy program encompasses our roles as a business and as a service provider in the delivery of our products and services.

We are committed to policies that enable us and our customers to comply with our respective privacy obligations.


Realize extensive compliance in every region. View our comprehensive list of compliance standards and regulations.


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Why VMware Cloud Security?

Cloud, hybrid or on-premise – your security is our priority.
Extensive Security Experience

From government and defense, to the largest data centers in the world, VMware has a long history as a trusted partner in the most sensitive environments around the world. Now we’ve expanded this reputation to our cloud offerings.


Built-in Compliance

VMware builds security into the foundations of every one of our cloud solutions. This means our offerings align with major compliance certifications to maintain standards that meet industry best-practices.


Accelerate Without Compromise

Whether migrating to the cloud, building modern apps, scaling your data center or automating multi-cloud operations, move with agility and confidence.


Discover more information on security specific to each VMware Cloud Service

VMware participates at the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) STAR Level 1 by completing the Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ) to document compliance with the Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM).  STAR Self-Assessments are updated annually.

You can view the CAIQ documents for VMware Cloud Services here.

VMware Cloud Security Capabilities

Software Security

With world-class security partnerships and an industry-leading Security Development Lifecycle process, VMware ensures Cloud operational and security controls are aligned with industry benchmarks and best-practices.

Data Security

VMware maintains stringent data protection standards, to ensure appropriate handling at every classification level, from processing and storage to transmission and destruction of data. Data in the cloud is a shared responsibility, and we define controls to ensure ownership and stewardship of customer organizational data remains with the customer.

Network Security

VMware Cloud solutions build on top of the base network security provided by our IaaS partners. Network environments are logically separated and protected by firewalls to safeguard business security requirements and ensure appropriate protection and isolation.

Identity and Access Management

Based on the principle of least privilege, VMware cloud solutions use identity and access management controls, ensuring the appropriate level of access for all personnel to keep your data and systems safe and secure.


Vulnerability and Patch Management

The VMware comprehensive vulnerability management program includes third-party vulnerability scanning and penetration testing across network, application and local operating system layers, helping you stay ahead of new and emerging gaps in security.

Operations Management

VMware Cloud solutions continuously collect and monitor environment logs correlated with both public and private threat feeds, to spot suspicious and unusual activities. This is supported by continuously updated contact with industry bodies, risk and compliance organizations, local authorities, and regulatory bodies to ensure new threats are apprehended rapidly.

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How we Protect Data we Process as a Business

Transparency on how we collect, use, disclose, transfer and store personal information.

How we Protect Data we Process as a Business

Transparency on how we collect, use, disclose, transfer and store personal information.

Products and Services Notice

Applies to the personal information VMware collects and uses in connection with your use of VMware products and services, including:


  • Cookies and similar tracking technologies we may use when providing the products or services.
  • Data we collect to improve our products and services and your customer experience.

Details regarding VMware’s customer experience improvement and analytics programs relating to VMware products and service can be found here.

Privacy Notice

Addresses the personal information we collect when you:


  • Visit, interact with or use any of our websites, social media pages, mobile apps (where linked to the Privacy Notice), online advertisements, marketing communications.
  • Visit, interact with or use any of our events, sales, marketing and other offline activities.
  • Purchase VMware products and services and provide account-related personal information.

Cookie Notice

Addresses how VMware uses cookies and similar tracking technologies when you use and interact with our websites and our online properties.

Additional Notices

VMware may have additional privacy notices for specific websites, events, mobile apps, including "just-in-time" disclosures and in-product privacy notices. These notices may supplement or clarify VMware's privacy practices or may provide additional choices about how VMware processes data.

How we Protect Data as a Service Provider

Enabling you to comply with data protection and privacy requirements.

Processing of Customer Content

VMware processes, stores and hosts content you or your end users have uploaded to VMware services as “Customer Content” (as defined in the VMware Terms of Service or other relevant agreement). VMware processes personal data contained within Customer Content as a “service provider” or “processor” acting on your instruction. View our FAQs for more information.

Data Processing Addendum

VMware’s obligations and commitments as a data processor are set forth in VMware’s Data Processing Addendum (DPA). Our DPA Summary Coversheet offers additional context and outlines the applicability of our DPA. VMware processes personal data contained within Customer Content in accordance with this DPA and the applicable agreements. Standard agreements for each product and service can be found on our End User Terms and Conditions.

Binding Corporate Rules

VMware has achieved Binding Corporate Rules (BCR) as a processor, acknowledging we have met the standards of the EU General Data Protection Regulation for international transfers of personal data contained in Customer Content.


VMware may use third-party companies to provide certain services on its behalf. Third party service providers who process personal data contained in Customer Content (sub-processors), will have written agreements and data transfer mechanisms in place to protect personal data in the manner set forth in the Data Processing Addendum.


VMware Cloud Security

VMware has programs, policies, and practices to ensure personal data contained in Customer Content is adequately protected (including regular training and confidentiality agreements for employees handling data), and to help identify, prevent and resolve security vulnerabilities in our products and services. These programs are continually reviewed and updated.



Unified Endpoint Management

VMware offers solutions that enable you to protect your organization’s information and systems, accessed and made available through corporate owned or personal devices, using management controls. View information on Workspace ONE’s privacy and security program and disclosure relating to data collected and used by the service.


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Maintaining Compliance Together

VMware continuously monitors existing and emerging security standards and requirements and integrates applicable requirements into our cloud service compliance programs. As VMware partners with you on enabling your compliance, you, as the customer, are required to ensure the Service Offering meets your compliance and regulatory obligations.

If you have questions about compliance, we encourage you to discuss your business goals and objectives with your VMware Sales Representative.

Existing Cloud Compliance Programs

Continually updated information on the compliance programs most relevant to you.
For information on VMware Product Compliance click here.

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Additional Compliance Information

Thank you for your interest in compliance at VMware.

Please contact your VMware Sales Representative if you need additional information about our compliance programs. Your sales representative can also assist you in gaining access to compliance reports not available for immediate download.

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