Modern Endpoint Security and Management

VMware TrustPoint gives security and IT ops teams complete endpoint visibility and control to secure and manage endpoints at unparalleled speed and scale. Read the Solution Overview to find out how.


VMware TrustPoint Demo

See how TrustPoint quickly collects endpoint data so you can take immediate action.

How TrustPoint Works

What TrustPoint Does

Increases Security Hygiene Across the Organization

Quickly find unmanaged assets, identify unauthorized software, remediate ad-hoc vulnerabilities and allow security and IT teams to directly take actions necessary to secure, gain control and bring these assets back into compliance.

Detects and Remediates Advanced Threats

Stay a step ahead of modern, sophisticated attacks by empowering security teams with a broad set of capabilities to track, contain, and remediate threats and vulnerabilities across every endpoint with unparalleled speed and scalability.

Empowers IT Ops with Complete Visibility and Control

Discover IT assets, gather live software and hardware data to help create global asset inventories, gather critical endpoint data to quickly scope and fix outages, and reliably push changes to endpoints at scale with confidence.

Extends Security and Management to Mobile Devices with AirWatch

Out-of-the-box integration of TrustPoint and AirWatch further enhances securing and managing mobile, desktop and server environments, and dynamically drives policy configuration changes across the organization for even stronger compliance and faster threat containment.


Modern Approach to Endpoint Security and Management

Don’t settle for the tools of yesterday. Instead, get instant endpoint visibility and control to make better decisions. With the TrustPoint Security Platform, ask a question in plain English, retrieve answers in seconds, and take actions at scale.

Easily Extend Capabilities

The TrustPoint communications platform can be extended with purpose-built product modules that provide new capabilities that enable agility and reduce the use of siloed tools. AirWatch can also help extend security and management to mobile devices.

Unique Architecture Provides Speed and Scale

TrustPoint’s linear chaining architecture scales to millions of endpoints effortlessly without requiring ongoing infrastructure additions, resulting in dramatic cost savings.

Results in Seconds

Based on a resilient infrastructure, TrustPoint is designed to get complete results from endpoints on the network. Only TrustPoint can provide response times measured in seconds through decentralized data aggregation and distribution primarily across low-latency LAN traffic results.

Discover Unmanaged Endpoints in Seconds

Detect hidden, unmanaged assets across large distributed global networks at unparalleled speed, unlike time-consuming approaches that rely on full network scans across WAN links.

Lightweight Architecture

TrustPoint allows Tanium Clients to actively monitor and scan their local subnets for unmanaged assets around them and report back newly discovered ones. This unique approach provides nearly continuous scanning, without many of the problems related to centralized scanners, and is incredibly lightweight with almost no impact on the WAN or on the device.

Advanced Threat Detection and Remediation

TrustPoint delivers a broad set of capabilities to track, contain and remediate threats and vulnerabilities across every endpoint with unparalleled speed and scalability.

Complete Control

Re-establish full control and stop attacks already underway in just seconds. Quickly remediate threats at scale by quarantining machines, killing processes, disabling network connections, changing registry data, uninstalling applications, resetting credentials, and shutting down systems. If all other remediation attempts have failed or if you want to transfer ownership of a device, TrustPoint can re-image Windows endpoints at scale back to your golden image.

Leading Edge Asset Visibility

Quickly discover IT assets and gather live endpoint data to help create an up-to-date global inventory of all hardware and software assets.

Asset Inventory and Utilization

Reduce costs with live software asset inventory and utilization data. Quickly get a detailed and up-to-date asset inventory from employee workstations to remote data center, branch location servers, virtual machines or assets in the cloud. Enrich existing systems by integrating TrustPoint with existing management tools.

Efficiency and Accuracy for IT Ops

With TrustPoint, quickly gather critical endpoint data to scope and fix outages, reliably push patches to endpoints at scale with confidence, and easily distribute software and endpoint configurations.

Operational Efficiency

Patching becomes faster, easier and more reliable. Use live and recorded endpoint data for incident/problem scoping and remediation. Distribute software and endpoint configurations.

Adaptive Architecture for Unified Endpoint Management and Endpoint Security

TrustPoint can complement an AirWatch deployment to further enhance security and management of just about any endpoint from mobile to desktop and servers. Unifying AIrWatch and TrustPoint drives dynamic policy configuration changes across the organization for even stronger compliance and faster threat containment.