VMware® vCenter™ Chargeback Manager™ provides visibility into virtual machine costs, along with cost analysis, chargeback accountability and integrated management capabilities.

Chargeback Cost Management and Configuration

  • Customized chargeback hierarchy – Define how virtual machines and VMware vSphere® hosts are assigned to and shared by different departments, cost centers or business units.
  • Reusable cost templates – Standardize the process of adding pricing models to virtual machines with cost templates. Rapidly apply existing models to expanding or new environments.
  • Flexible billing policies – Implement fixed costs, allocation-based costing, utilization-based costing or a combination based on the chargeback maturity of your organization.
  • Flexible, non-variable costs – Allow non-variable cost structures, such as fixed costs, multiple rate factors and rate multipliers, one-time costs, overage fees, cost distributions and currency selectors, to model the realities of a data center environment.
  • Guest operating system costs – Configure guest operating system costs as one-time costs in the pricing model.

Cost Analysis and Reporting

  • Cost reports – Generate cost summary and comparison reports and resource usage reports for specified periods of time.
  • Customizable report templates – Customize header, footer, logo, title and more to fit company or business unit brand standards.
  • Report delivery – Archive, schedule, email and export reports with various format options. Deliver and view reports using a web browser.
  • Most expensive virtual machine report – Understand the largest cost contributors to your data center environment so you can improve efficiency.
  • Enterprise-wide management across multiple VMware® vCenter Servers™ – Support single chargeback hierarchy and reporting across an entire data center cluster.
  • Stop report generation – Stop and delete any running report as required.

Chargeback Accountability for Private Clouds

  • Meter resources in vCenter Server – Monitor capabilities such as thin/thick provisioning, raw disk mapping and tiered storage, in addition to standard resource metering.
  • Meter resources managed in VMware® vCloud Director® – Charge for broadband network traffic, public IP addresses and other services provisioned in VMware vCloud Director, in addition to standard CPU, memory and storage metering. Additionally you can meter VPN tunneling and fast-provisioned linked clones.
  • Automated VMware vCloud Director chargeback hierarchies – Automate chargeback hierarchy creation to gain immediate visibility into VMware vCloud Director organization, virtual data centers and vApps.
  • Support VMware vCloud Director resource management models – Enable pay-as-you-go, reservation pool and allocation pool charging for resources in VMware vCloud Director.
  • Support new VMware vCloud Director capabilities – Expand coverage to include elastic vDCs, independent disks and storage classes.
  • Email notification for system health – Configure the alert notification settings in vCenter Chargeback Manager to receive email notifications on system health.

Management Integration

  • Integration with VMware® vCenter™ Operations Management Suite™ – Apply vCenter Operations resource usage analytics to identify cost savings from optimizing virtual resources and provide budgeting decision support with cost forecasting.
  • Integration with VMware® IT Business Management Suite – Extend vCenter Chargeback Manager cost visibility for the virtual environment to achieve end-to-end IT cost visibility in the IT Business Management Suite.

Integration Interfaces

  • Integration with VMware vSphere Client – vCenter Chargeback Manager is integrated as a vSphere Client plug in, providing both a consistent experience and the capabilities to configure costing model and viewing reports.
  • Web interface – Simplify administration and reporting with delegated roles for reporting access.
  • System health and troubleshooting – Monitor and troubleshoot the health of vCenter Chargeback Manager through a built-in dashboard.
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory – Base access controls on existing Microsoft Active Directory authentication mechanisms.
  • Custom roles and permissions – Enhance security and flexibility with user-defined roles.
  • Programmability – Enable integration with third-party tools by using CBM APIs and vCenter Chargeback Manager SDK for Java v2.0.0.