Advantages of vCenter Server Appliance

IT administrators are rapidly adopting the vCenter Server Appliance as their deployment model for vCenter Server. As the vCenter Server Appliance increases in popularity, we plan to make this the definitive deployment model in the future.

There are several advantages of the vCenter Server Appliance over the Windows version of vCenter Server:

  • We can provide support for the entire vCenter Server stack including vCenter Server itself and the underlying operating system and database. By doing so, we can ensure customers have a single source for updates, security patches, and support.
  • Since the base platform on which the vCenter Server Appliance will operate on is completely maintained by VMware, there is a tremendous amount of optimization at the same time as a great reduction in unneeded services and attack surface.
  • VMware can innovates at an accelerated pace, and customers should expect to see advancements soon in areas including High Availability (HA).

Packaging applications as appliances simplifies deployment and operations, letting you focus on workloads and applications rather than the infrastructure. Maintenance tasks and downtime are minimized because there are no longer dependencies on monthly patch cycles with a general-purpose operating system. As we move forward, we encourage you to migrate to vCenter Server Appliance for a much improved experience.

The vCenter Server Appliance is available for you to download here.

VMware will no longer offer the vSphere C# client in the next release of vSphere. This approach will allow VMware to deliver the interface experience our customers are demanding in today’s fast paced IT environment. Read more.

The vSphere Web Client of Tomorrow

The vSphere Web Client is a tool that is used nearly every day by IT to manage the operations of the virtual data center. We believe that this tool must be world class, intuitive to use, and responsive. VMware is actively working to deliver a new version of this tool based on the HTML5 and JavaScript languages. This client will have several key benefits over existing clients:

Completely written in HTML5 and JavaScript with no dependency on Flash or Java

Operating system independent and supported on all leading web browsers

Better performing than current Flex Web Client

Partner Plugins that make managing third party elements more seamless


VMware has already had some success with previous HTML 5 clients including the Host Client Fling and the Platform Services Controller Interface. The HTML5 Host Client is now included as a fully supported feature of vSphere 6.0 Update 2. Building on this success, a Fling of the HTML5 Web Client is now available for you to try in your current vSphere environment.

Get Ecosystem Support with the VMware Web Client Certification Program

We are pleased to announce the VMware Web Client Certification Program, which allows partners to develop plugins for the HTML5 Web Client and vCenter Server and have them tested, validated and signed by VMware. These certified plugins will be available on the VMware Solutions Exchange and will enable you to back-up and protect your data, manage your servers and networks, and secure your data directly from vCenter Server.

Learn more about this program and see some early program members.

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