VMware vCloud Suite delivers virtualization economics across the data center and rapidly provisions applications with the right levels of compliance and availability for improved efficiency, agility and control.

vCloud Suite Diagram

vCloud Suite Diagram

Developer Agility

  • Provision resources to developers in minutes while still ensuring data security.
  • Maintain precise control over entitlements, configurations and approvals.
  • Deliver a public cloud-like experience leveraging an API approach to satisfy developer needs.
  • Leverage self-service as needed to improve the end user experience.

Infrastructure Modernization

  • Standardize and automate the process of delivering resources across development and production environments.
  • Model automation flows and policies as blueprints, making all automation logic explicit and easier to manage.
  • Avoid idle and over-provisioned resources through effective management of utilization.
  • Automate infrastructure costing and usage metering to support show back or chargeback processes.

Intelligent Operations

  • Proactively detect and avoid performance issues to achieve the highest levels of availability.
  • Continuously monitor and manage capacity to ensure the best use of scarce infrastructure resources.
  • Increase efficiency by streamlining key IT processes with out-of-the-box and customizable policies, guided remediation and automated enforcement of standards.
  • Simplify the management of complex environments by unifying the management of applications, compute, storage and networking.

Data Center Virtualization

  • Consolidate physical environments to virtual to maximize capital investments and speed up compute provisioning.
  • Dramatically improve overall application availability by leveraging a highly reliable and highly scalable virtualization platform.
  • Virtualize business critical applications to improve performance while eliminating the need for specialized hardware.
  • Support application scale out or scale up as needed to achieve the best application performance.

Disaster Recovery

  • Protect thousands of virtual machines with ease using centralized recovery plans.
  • Perform frequent non-disruptive testing to ensure IT disaster recovery predictability and compliance.
  • Achieve fast and reliable recovery using fully automated workflows.
  • Move live virtual machines at scale between sites over metro distances by using disaster recovery plans.