Protect all Workloads with Consistent Network Security

Complement your vDefend Distributed Firewall deployment with a zone firewall that enables unified security across physical and virtual workloads in private and public clouds. Leverage a cost-effective Layer-7 firewall delivered entirely in software that includes TLS decryption and advanced threat prevention capabilities such as network sandboxing.

Consistent Security Coverage

Enjoy consistent network security coverage across your VMware Cloud Foundation networking environment with a Layer-7 gateway firewall that includes vDefend Advanced Threat Prevention and URL filtering.

Unified Management

Manage vDefend Gateway Firewall together with vDefend Distributed Firewall for all your public and private cloud firewall needs.

Lower Cost

No specialized hardware and simple operations translate to CAPEX and OPEX savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both the Gateway and Distributed Firewall are part of the vDefend product family and have similar components. However, the Distributed Firewall is designed to handle east-west network traffic (internal traffic). The Gateway Firewall complements the Distributed Firewall to protect east-west traffic in specialized cases such as securing physical workloads. The Gateway Firewall can also function as a private cloud zone firewall or a public cloud edge firewall (for north-south traffic).

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