VMware Virtual SAN is radically simple, hypervisor-converged storage designed and optimized for vSphere virtual infrastructure.

Virtual SAN Product Overview

Virtual SAN Product Overview

Virtual SAN Product Overview (3:10 min)

Radically Simple Storage for VMs

Simplify and streamline storage provisioning and management for vSphere environments. Use virtual machine-centric storage policies to provide finely granular control and automation of storage service levels. Self-tuning capabilities automatically rebuild and rebalance storage resources to align with the service levels assigned to each VM. Full integration with vSphere and the entire VMware stack delivers an efficient and cost-effective operational model.

Lower TCO by up to 50%

Enable flexible, predictable "grow-as-you-go" scaling and eliminate large up-front investments. Inexpensive industry-standard server components reduce storage CapEx and give you the flexibility to choose vendors and configurations. Lower OpEx by simplifying storage management with vSphere tools and automating management of storage service levels through VM-centric policies.

Elastic Scalability

Provide elastic, non-disruptive scaling of storage resources. Scale both capacity and performance simultaneously by adding a new host to the cluster (scale-out). Or, scale capacity and performance independently by merely adding new HDDs or SSDs to existing hosts (scale-up).

High Performance

Enable read/write caching using server-side flash. Virtual SAN is built into the VMware hypervisor, optimizing the I/O data path to deliver much better performance than a virtual appliance or an external device. An all-flash architecture provides data persistence on SSDs to deliver extremely high performance with consistent, fast response times.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Union Hospital

We actually had clinics calling us up to say how much faster the apps were running once they were in a pure Virtual SAN environment. It seems like the more things we migrate to Virtual SAN, the more people are asking to be on it.

- Chad Elliott, Network Systems Consultant, Union Hospital


Virtual SAN is a highly efficient solution compared to a traditional SAN or DAS approach. By aggregating storage into a single resource pool, Virtual SAN enables us to be much more cost conscious.

- Frans van Rooyen, Cloud Architect, Adobe Systems Incorporated

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