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Learn how easy it is to move to public cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS. TestDrive is our live sandbox environment with step-by-step instructions to take you from data center to public cloud in 30 minutes. Get started today and accelerate your cloud migration journey.




VMware Cloud on AWS delivers a simple, fast, and cost effective path to the hybrid cloud with minimal risk while allowing you to modernize applications and drive innovation.

  • Faster Cloud Migration with VMware HCX 
  • Easy to Use Workload Migration Wizard 
  • Live Workload Migration with vMotion   
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Why Migrate to the Cloud with VMware?

Why Migrate to the Cloud with VMware?

Faster Migration for Less

Rapidly migrate on-premises VMware environments to the public cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS. The seamless hybrid cloud service enables you to move a VM to the AWS cloud in as little as 20 minutes with zero downtime. 

Leverage Familiar Tools & Processes

Use the same vSphere-based infrastructure—along with familiar tools, processes and skillsets—for consistent operations from the data center to the cloud. 

Scale Capacity On Demand

Provision an entire VMware SDDC environment in 2 hours and scale host capacity in minutes.

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