Number of active hosts*

Total price(in USD)

3 $1,026,272.00
4 $1,198,591.00
5 $1,370,911.00
6 $1,614,656.00
7 $1,884,081.00
8 $2,152,763.00

The host pricing above is for 3-year subscription purchase. The host pricing includes:

  • AWS Outposts 42u rack
  • AWS managed dedicated Nitro-based i3en.metal EC2 instance with local SSD storage
  • VMware managed SDDC software - vSphere, vSAN, NSX-T, vCenter Server
  • VMware HCX
  • VMware Cloud Console
  • Support by VMware SREs
  • Supply chain, shipment logistics and onsite installation by AWS
  • Ongoing hardware monitoring with break/fix support.

*Currently, VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts can be shipped to United States. VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts must be connected to an AWS region where VMware Cloud on AWS is supported (AWS US East (N. Virginia), AWS US West (Oregon)). Minimum connectivity requirements are 1Gbps and at most 150ms of latency between region and rack location. Each host comes with dark host capacity included for remediation, Elastic DRS scale-out, and Lifecycle management purposes. Please contact your AWS or VMware representative if you want to deploy VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts outside of the US.

Data transfer charges:

Data transfer from VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts to the parent VMware Cloud on AWS supported region incurs no charge. Similarly, data transfer to and from your VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts to your local network or to the internet via the Local Gateway (LGW) also incurs no charge. Similar to data transfer charges in AWS Regions, data transfer out charges from the parent availability zone to the VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts is the same as in the AWS Regions. Intra-AZ, inter-AZ and VPC data transfer charges in the AWS Region, remain the same. Learn more about data transfer here.

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