Harness the Full Potential of High-Performance IT Hardware

Most x86 computers today operate at a mere 10-15% of their total computing capacity, leaving vast IT resources untapped and unusable. But with virtualization, you can increase utilization to as much as 85% by running multiple operating systems on a single computer.

At the same time, organizations that adopt VMware solutions need to understand the performance impact of running applications inside virtual machines. As the leader in virtualization, VMware can help you get the most out of your IT hardware resources with:

  • Performance-enhancing technologies and product capabilities
  • Virtualization performance demonstrations and comparisons
  • Benchmarking tools and troubleshooting advice

Read below for an overview of virtualization performance, assess the performance sizing and scaling of VMware solutions with detailed benchmark examples or find valuable resources such as the VMmark® virtualization benchmark.

Performance Overview

Gain insight into how virtualization affects application performance and availability. Get an overview of the various hardware, performance and resource utilization issues to consider when deploying virtualization solutions. Find out how VMware solutions can help you achieve scalable performance and throughput in virtualized.


Obtain hard data on the performance and scalability of VMware solutions. Find out how VMware compares to the competition with performance benchmarks and analyses. Discover the different methods and options available for sizing and scaling virtual machine environments, along with the effects and benefits of each approach.


Compare the performance of virtualization platforms with VMmark, the industry's first virtualization benchmark. Learn how to measure virtual machine performance and to troubleshoot common performance issues. Find the guidance you need with white papers, Best Practices and other helpful information resources.

Take the Next Step

Download the VMmark virtualization benchmark or read the VMware VROOM blog for the latest news on virtualization performance and benchmarking.