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Take a look at our catalog of 2,500+ (and growing) third-party, open-source and first-party solutions.

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Overcome the Challenges of Hybrid Cloud Adoption

On the journey to hybrid cloud, organizations often encounter issues around application portability and the suitability of cloud for different workloads. Developers tasked with resolving these issues often face hurdles when it comes to IT governance.

VMware Marketplace helps to solve these issues, providing a regulated, validated source of easy-to-deploy solutions that smooth the journey to hybrid cloud.

Key Capabilities of VMware Marketplace

Access a wide range of third-party solutions with complete confidence that they are tested, certified, and ready to go.

Extend Your Cloud Adoption

Directly deploy validated solutions to VMware platforms across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

Maximize VMware Platform Investment

Amplify your VMware cloud environment by choosing from a robust ecosystem of third-party, open-source and even some first-party solutions that align to your business goals.

Give Developers More Flexibility

Equip developers with the tools they need to innovate, with peace of mind that governance is assured.

Why VMware Marketplace?

Embark on your hybrid cloud journey with more confidence by supplementing your investment in cloud with proven, validated solutions.


Use this one-stop-shop to find the third-party and open-source solutions your business needs; all deployable across platforms, apps, and formats.


Browse compatible solutions and securely deliver validated solutions via VMware Marketplace.


Reduce operational complexity with a single console for notifications, updates, analytics, and more.

Why Join VMware Marketplace as a Partner?

Together, we can create a rich ecosystem of cloud solutions that help our customers realize their business goals.

Broaden Your Reach

Access the entire, global VMware customer base. We serve businesses of all sizes, in all industries, at all stages of cloud adoption.

Leverage Our Rich Analytics

Find new leads and generate sales using our analytics feature. Streamline your systems with our global content delivery network, too.

Utilize Co-Marketing Opportunities

Make your name known to more potential customers via blogs, webinars, and newsletters co-created by our marketing team.

    VMware Marketplace enables customers to discover and deploy validated third-party solutions, open-source solutions and first-party tools to VMware environments. It enables VMware customers to tap into the rich ecosystem of solutions that are compatible with VMware products.

    VMware Cloud Marketplace was officially renamed to VMware Marketplace. This change reflects the fact that the former VMware Solution Exchange (VSX) was consolidated into VMware Cloud Marketplace, resulting in a broad, comprehensive catalog of over 2,500 third-party, open-source and first-party solutions.

    VMware Marketplace includes third-party and open-source solutions across formats such as OVAs, ISOs, Helm Charts, Docker images and Blueprints. It also includes some first-party tools (see “VMware Tools” in the catalog), featuring management packs, content packs, plug-ins and more.

    Yes. Deployable third-party solutions on VMware Marketplace must successfully certify through the VMware Ready or Partner Ready validation programs.

    Yes. Our catalog includes hundreds of open-source solutions packaged by Bitnami, a leader in application packaging technology. Each of these solutions also includes continuously updated versions, and the Marketplace offers the capability for the subscriber to select exactly which version(s) of each solution they would like to subscribe to or download.

    No, there is no cost associated with using VMware Marketplace for any VMware customer.


    You can sign up for VMware Cloud Marketplace by visiting our catalog and clicking on the Sign-Up button.

    Support for third-party solutions is provided by the publisher. Please check the “Support” section of a solution’s listing for more information.

    Not yet. VMware Marketplace currently offers Bring-your-own-license (BYOL) functionality, as well as a large number of free solutions. We plan to introduce commerce in the future.

    No. VMware Marketplace is intended to be platform-agnostic. Currently, the Marketplace is integrated with VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware Cloud Director, VMware vSphere, VMware Cloud Foundation, and VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition. Further integrations are planned.

    Contact us at to get started.

    There is no cost to publish a solution on VMware Marketplace. However, we do require all publishing partners to be registered through VMware’s Technology Alliance Program, which includes a nominal annual cost.

    Introduction to VMware Cloud Marketplace

    Introduction to VMware Cloud Marketplace

    Discover and deploy validated, third-party solutions on VMware-based platforms, across public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

    • Overview
    Netalia Case Study
    • Case Studies
    Deployment for VMware Cloud on AWS

    Deployment for VMware Cloud on AWS

    See how easy it is to add solutions to your VMware Cloud on AWS environment directly from VMware Marketplace.

    • Demo Videos
    Docker Pull on TKGI

    Docker Pull on TKGI

    Follow the steps in this video to download a docker image or .tar file from the TKGI deployment platform.

    • Demo Videos
    Deployment of Container Solutions

    Deployment of Container Solutions

    The VMware Cloud Marketplace team recently released the container registry feature, which enables customers to easily deploy container solutions from the catalog.

    • Demo Videos
    Publishing Process

    Publishing Process

    Learn how to get your products published on the VMware Marketplace in this simple, step-by-step video.

    • Demo Videos
    Subscription and Deployment On-Premises

    Subscription and Deployment On-Premises

    Spot the solutions that will work in your on-premises environment and learn how to set them up using VMware vCloud Director.

    • Demo Videos
    Deployment on VMware Cloud Director

    Deployment on VMware Cloud Director

    Guide for subscribing to and deploying a solution on VMware Cloud Director through VMware Marketplace

    • Demo Videos
    VMware Marketplace Program Guide
    • Technical Documentation
    Sign-in and Sign-up

    Sign-in and Sign-up

    Learn how to sign up to VMware Marketplace. Once done, you can browse, download and subscribe to the many services on offer.

    • Training & Support

    Ready to Get Started?