vRealize AI Cloud: Self-Driving Data Center

Discover the first artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solution to optimize infrastructure operations. Through data collections and reinforcement learning techniques, vRealize AI Cloud continuously optimizes your configured KPIs while factoring in the dynamic nature of traditional and modern applications.

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ML for Data Center Operations

See how to enable dynamic performance optimization for your vSAN clusters using vRealize AI Cloud.

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Realize a Self-Driving Data Center

Harness AI and ML to self-tune your data center and easily adapt to the changing needs of your workloads.

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Continuous Optimization

Learn how artificial intelligence and machine learning are being put to self-tune vSAN clusters.

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Explore the SaaS management suite that combines automation, operations, and log analytics in a single license.

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What features does vRealize AI Cloud support today?

vSAN performance optimization and Storage Policy recommendations (tech preview).  Please be on the lookout for upcoming supported capabilities for software defined networking, compute, and more.

How can I try out vRealize AI Cloud?

Included as part of vRealize Cloud Universal subscription, please sign up here for a 30-day trial to experience the full technical capabilities or reach out to your VMware sales team.

How much does vRealize AI Cloud cost?

Included in vRealize Cloud Universal subscription, vRealize AI Cloud is available at no additional cost.

How does vRealize AI Cloud collect my data?

Using an on-prem cloud proxy, vRealize AI Cloud collects data from vSAN and vCenter and sends it securely to the VMware SaaS data-lake for analytics.

What is the security and encryption of data in transit (and data at rest)?

vRealize AI Cloud uses TLS for encrypting data in transit and encrypts data at rest.

How does vRealize AI Cloud protect my data?

To learn more about how vRealize AI Cloud protects collected data, please visit the VMware Cloud Trust Center and the learn more about the VMware Cloud Management Services self-assessment.