Software Configuration Management for vRealize Automation

vRealize Automation SaltStack Config is a powerful software configuration management capability available in vRealize Automation. Easily define optimized, compliant software states and enforce them across your entire environment—virtualized, hybrid or public cloud—with powerful, intuitive configuration automation.

Deploy SaltStack using vRealize Automation

Learn how to use a vRealize Cloud Template to set up your own Salt open source system.

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Read About the VMware Acquisition of SaltStack

VMware bolsters software configuration management and infrastructure automation with SaltStack acquisition.

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Benefits of Configuration Automation with vRealize Automation SaltStack Config

Gain Efficiency

Automate redundant configuration tasks and free up scarce human resources for high-value initiatives.

Accelerate Delivery

Enact change immediately at massive scale across your entire IT footprint.

Improve Performance

Create self-healing systems that detect configuration drift and auto-remediate before downstream users are impacted.

Use Cases for vRealize Automation SaltStack Config

Modernize IT

Deploy and Configure Anywhere

  • Easily deploy across virtualized, hybrid, and public cloud environments.
  • Create simple, human-readable infrastructure-as-code to provision and configure systems and software anywhere in your environment.
  • Configure and control all of your operating systems with abstracted management for Linux, Windows, MacOS, and Unix.
  • Automatically enforce desired state across your entire IT footprint.

Accelerate Cloud Evolution

Maintain and Control Your Infrastructure

  • Manage virtual, public, and private cloud VMs with powerful automation and orchestration.
  • Control your entire data center with flexible agent, agentless, and API-based management options.
  • Keep critical software up to date with event-driven updates.
  • Audit and understand the configuration state of your entire ecosystem quickly and easily.

Assure Developer Productivity

Build Self-Healing Systems

  • Leverage the Salt event-driven automation engine to define the state of a system and auto-remediate as soon as drift occurs.
  • Create fully automated or semi-autonomous workflows that can notify administrators via third-party integrations or even create ITSM tickets when systems need attention.
  • Perform advanced patching and maintenance with event-driven orchestration.
  • Enact change immediately across your entire fleet with fast, scalable remote execution.